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Our Origin Story

In 2004, our founder embarked on an extraordinary journey that would change his life - and the lives of many others - forever. A native of Kenya, he ventured to the USA at the age of 23.

Two years later, his mother was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, a serious condition requiring specialized medication from either the USA or Canada.

Back then, it was exorbitantly expensive to send medication from the USA to Kenya - $300 for a small package. It was a heartbreaking situation and a financial burden that our founder knew was unjust.

He became committed to finding a better, more affordable way.

...And there was...


10 Years Later, The Dream Takes Flight

Fast forward to 2013, when our founder returned to Kenya, not just as a visitor, but as an entrepreneur with a mission.

He founded Kentex Cargo with nothing more than a Facebook page, a WordPress website, a modest office at corner house, and a simple cell phone.

It is a motivating story for those thinking about venturing into the business world. It is about consistency, resiliency, and small incremental gains over time.

Now, a decade later, we have proudly served over 50,000 diverse clients and made a positive impact on countless lives. We've aided thousands of families in earning their livelihood, some of whom have even grown their single-package beginnings into thriving businesses. This ripple effect of prosperity is our true motivation and our unwavering drive.

40+ Employees

1000+ Weekly Customers

100k+ Global customers

Weekly Cargo to Kenya

Kentex Cargo, Today

Like in every journey, there are ups and downs. Our journey hasn't been smooth all through, just like any company out there.

The year 2020 during Covid-19 was the toughest year in our company dealing with huge volumes, reduced airline capacity, and managing prohibited goods

We believe that consistency and delivering great customer experience are the main ingredients for any business's success. 

We have evolved from just an air cargo to a Kenya shipping company to include ocean cargo.

With 2 warehouses totaling over 20,000 square feet in the USA, we have opened our doors to the global market in logistics. 

Kentexcargo Dallas warehouseKentex Cargo Warehouse - Dallas


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