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Getting an ideal laptop might be a hard task because there are very many in the market, and you specifically need one that is unique and with special features. 12-inch Apple MacBook 2015 is one of the unique laptops in the market, and it is the high time people to start considering it as their best choice. Therefore, in this review, we will be discussing how unique 12-inch Apple MacBook 2015 is compared to other MacBooks in the market.

You are really going to need 12-inch Apple MacBook 2015 even though it’s a bit expensive. It is one of the most impressive laptops in the market compared to the original MacBook Air. It’s part of Apple MacBook because it is the platonic ideal of exactly how a laptop should be.


12-inch-Apple-MacBook-2015-price-in-Kenya12-inch Apple MacBook 2015 is an impossibly thin laptop, and it measures over 13mm at its thickest point. It weighs over two pounds, and this makes it lighter compared to 13-inch and 11-inch MacBook Air. 12-inch Apple MacBook is well balanced in terms of weight because it is perfectly distributed across the deck of the laptop and the screen. Any person who is currently using any other laptop like 11-inch or 13-inch Air will feel at home if they choose to use the 12-inch Apple MacBook because it’s the ideal size of a small laptop.

Apple MacBook 12-inch 2015 comes in silver, gold, and space gray, and therefore the customers have the option of choosing the color which fascinates them. All colors look great, but the gray model is quite catchy compared to the others because it’s very rare to find a laptop with such a unique color. This happens to be one of reason as to why 12-inch Apple MacBook is the most unique in the market.

The keyboard found in 12-inch Apple MacBook 2015 is shallower compared to other MacBook’s. The keyboard has a butterfly mechanism known as steel dome found under each key. Steel dome helps in registering your keystrokes and an individual backlight for every single key. At first, it may feel a little bit weird, but the moment you get used to the keyboard, you will learn to type more softly, and this will make you see how satisfying it is.

12-inch Apple MacBook 2015 screen is something that should fascinate you since it is more energy-efficient than you can ever imagine. The display is 2304 x 1440 pixels and a 236 Retina. The electronics inside the 12-inch Apple MacBook were well rearranged, and this made thinner and brighter compared to MacBook Air. It’s so amazing to have a brighter screen, for it will serve well, especially when you are out.

If you a person who loves extreme minimalism, then you will love the edges of the 12-inch Apple MacBook. This specific laptop has two microphones and a headphone jack, while on the other side, you will find a single USB-C port. The USB-C in the 12-inch Apple MacBook is standards one since you can charge, connect by use of USB, and video output by just one connection. 12-inch Apple MacBook will, therefore, help you save because you will need not to purchase an adapter that will even occupy your space.

With the 12-inch Apple MacBook, you don’t force when using the trackpad.  The Force Touch trackpad in the 12-inch uses haptic feedback to make it feel like a person is clicking through the pad does not actually depress. Through a preference menu, it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the click pressure. The set comes in three preferences which are, firm, light, and medium. The force click feature helps you perform various time-saving functions. One can be able to preview the page without opening another tab. This specific feature is something the customers should look forward to experiencing.

Even though 12-inch Apple MacBook has a small speaker bar, the sound is amazingly awesome. If you choose the maximum volume, the vocals of the music or the video will still come through very well. The size of the speaker should not bother you, for they may be that tiny but work vigorously.

12-inch Apple MacBook has a keyboard that has backlights supplied by individual LEDs for each keycap. It also looks more stunning than their predecessors. There is a smaller black bezel surrounding the 12-inch Retina display. This is an improvement in terms of overall charm, and the groove helps you in lifting the lid in case the clamshell closes. This is unique compared to other MacBooks where you open one-handed, thus making it difficult.


12-inch Apple MacBook 2015 can easily handle more than ten applications at the same time and also be able to surf the internet. At the same time, you can run several tabs and expect large images without any delay.

The flash memory does give 12-inch Apple MacBook some pep, though it is that fast it’s possible to edit a video and expect good quality. You can rely on this specific MacBook when it comes to video editing because it will never fail you. Also, you will be able to work on something else while waiting on the footage to complete, and this is amazing.


12-inch Apple MacBook 2015 weighs 2.03 pounds, it measures 0.14 x 2.03 inches thick and has a retina display of 12-inches. The MacBook also comes with a Force Touch trackpad, which is very unique and has a resigned backlight keyboard, which helps a person to be able to use the laptop even in the dark.

The 12-inch Apple MacBook has an 8GB of RAM and a 256GB PCle based flash storage. 1.1GHz Core M dual-core processor, Intel HD Graphics 5300, and a single USB port. It comes in silver, space gray, and gold and has a 480p Facetime camera and an 802.11 Wi-Fi while Bluetooth is 4.0; thus, you should not worry about connecting to the internet.

Battery life

12-inch Apple MacBook 2015 has a cooler battery compared to other MacBooks since it can last you for 10 hours without charging. This will depend on how you are using the laptop because if it involves video taking and editing, then it will last you for 8 hours. You don’t need to worry, though, for the battery is reliable and durable even when charged more than one time in a day. Whether you are doing web surfing on Wi-Fi and your screen brightness is full, the 12-inch Apple MacBook makes you feel safe.


Everything in 12-inch Apple MacBook 2015 is cool from how it is light; the screen brightens up your mood. The fanless design as a whole is the best, and you should be thankful for it. You can also send and receive texts right from the desktop via the messages app. Receiving and making calls is also possible, as well as sharing files from one device to the other. How cool is that?

However, everything in the market has its pros and cons, but it’s always nice to concentrate on the good things. 12-inch Apple MacBook is a bit expensive compared to other laptops and that the reason customer chooses to buy a different laptop. Many people come from a middle-class background, and that limits them from purchasing such an expensive laptop. It also has a limited connection because it has lesser ports.

12-inch Apple MacBook has more advantages such as an outstanding screen; it comes with three color options; that way, a person can choose the color he likes best. It has a wonderfully light yet sturdy, aluminum design, which by the way, is unique in the market. The wonderful stereo speakers, a strong battery which lasts for a long time of period and an awesome touchpad not found on many laptops. The keyboard is unique since it is not noisy and easy to when a person gets used to it. Therefore, I’ll recommend the 12-inch Apple MacBook 2015 to any person who needs new experience, for it is very pleasing to use, and you will not get disappointed.

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