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Acer is a leading company when it comes to technology. In the quest to continue with the delivery of quality products as demanded by is consumers, the company has come with the new Acer Chromebook 714. It is the latest business-oriented laptop coming as the eighth Chromebook version. It proves to hold on to a be worthy of the customer pocket as its predecessors not just as a business-oriented laptop but welcomes all genres of customers from gamers, professionals, and also student use.

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The Chromebook 714 has the following specifications

  • 14-inch resolution/ display
  • 1,920×1,080-pixel touchscreen
  • 2.2GHz-CPU-Intel Core i3-8130U
  • 8GB DDR4 SDRAM 2 Memory
  • Integrated 620 Intel HD Graphics
  • 64GB SSD Storage
  • No Optical drive
  • 802.11ac wireless networking,
  • 4.2 Bluetooth.
  • Chrome OS Operating system


The display screen is 14-inch and 1920 x1080 pixel resolution and is a multi-touch screen. The screen of the Acer Chromebook has a make of a matte display which provides a slicker feel than a regular plastic touchpad. Tapping, swiping, scrolling, and zooming is much smoother than ever. All this is thanks to the top-ranking Corning® Gorilla® glass touchpad.

The lid of the Acer Chromebook lid opens up 180 degrees. This characteristic has lots of advantages, like for students to help in gathering around the display. The matte screen is also crucial in reducing reflection, an aspect which is commendable for preventing the show from getting bright when working where there is the blazing sun or office light.


The laptop operates on an 8GB DDR4 SDRAM besides a storage capacity of 64gb SDD.



  • Fingerprint Sensor

A safe and secure way of unlocking and verifying the user identity without a password is offered in the Acer Chromebook by the fingerprint sensor. It is the location next to the keyboard optional backlit. The fingerprint details have a record on the Acer Chromebook itself rather than a cloud. So rendering offline fingerprint identification.


The long-lasting battery of the Acer Chromebook ensures at least 12 hours of use. The laptop has a good battery life and is a remedy for users considering a device with a long-lasting battery.




You can use the Chromebook 714 as your primary work PC. You can open 20 tabs at once, while significant apps like Spotify and YouTube are running in the background throughout the whole day. Even with such a high workload, the Chromebook 714 8GB RAM and Core i3 processor have no problem keeping up.

Quality Great build

You get to love the Chromebook 714’s aluminum build. The laptop’s darker aluminum and minimal design gives it a professional appearance. The laptop’s keyboard does not flex, and thus the hinges allow you to open with a single finger and with no fingerprint signs.

Tough Yet Stylish 

The narrow 6.18mm bezel and 100% aluminum chassis provide good looks, durability, strength, and style. Light materials imply that the laptop cannot be warped, dented, or bent. The aluminum is anodized and colored such that there is no heat dissipation, no paint to chip; hence the laptop has improved corrosion resistance.

Fingerprint Sensor

The Chromebook comes with an embedded optional fingerprint reader found new the backlit keyboard and is a fast, secure method for verifying and unlocking your identity without using the password. Indeed, even with the slight shaking, the Chromebook 714’s trackpad is the best on a Chromebook. The Gorilla Glass-secured surface implies that your fingers slide across it. It additionally the Chrome’s trackpad is receptive to the entirety of the bolstered motions, which incorporate squeeze to-zoom, two-finger looking over, a three-finger swipe up to show all windows, and a two-finger swipe to one side and option to return and forward, individually. The enormous size just wraps everything up.

Google does everything for you

Pose questions, set updates, play music, control your home, and increasingly through Google Assistant1. This Acer Chromebook accompanies double amplifier voice handling intended to perceive verbal sounds from anyplace in the room, even the most hilarious or honest voices.


Staying in contact with associates is more straightforward with a full Field-of-View HDR webcam and discretionary 10-point contact IPS screen. With the goal that more than one individual doesn’t have to gather around a little camera, the vast 75° focal point will catch the whole room when you’re staying in contact.


Quick boot times, usability, heightened security, and long battery life is a portion of the upsides of Chrome OS. With a boot time of around 8 seconds, Acer Chromebook begins working speedier. The rearranged interface makes it simple to learn, and coordinated malware assurance leaves infections speechless. It has a productive utilization of intensity lastly implies you can work the entire day without your capacity connector.




The Acer Chromebook has issues with the Full HD goals of the display. The Acer Chromebook has its performance unreasonably diminished in the event of a PowerPoint with a matte surface. And if you work close to a window, you need to draw up the curtains to perceive what’s on the screen. Likewise, seeing at an angle is average.


Even though you’d welcome the backdrop illumination, the laptop is a piece on the soft side. Additional glaring is an issue with the space bar, which periodically does not enroll in a press. Perceiving how the user types on a keyboard professionally, you can wish the keyboard to be a little better.


The Chromebook 714 doesn’t convey the best stable speakers. At around 60% volume, the speakers sound ringing and need a bass. At higher amounts, the sound takes on a sharp nature, and it feels as though somebody is cutting your inner part of the ear. You may have to use earphones or a Bluetooth speaker.

Chromebook 714_Kenya


Purchase Information

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While Acer has unquestionably made the Chromebook 714 for business, I wouldn’t stop for a second to prescribe this to anybody searching for a solid Chromebook for home or school use. The arrangement is exquisite to take care of daily company undertakings and diversion (however, you unquestionably need earphones or outer speakers on the off chance that you need to appreciate what you tune in to. The implicit speakers are dainty and tinny).

Battery life is long, as well, getting 15 hours, 21 minutes in our gushing video test. You likely draw nearer to 8 to 10 hours of utilization, particularly on the off chance that you have the splendor at 100% always. That is still a lot of time away from an outlet, and it charges by USB-C so you can generally support your work time with a compact force bank. You’re paying more here for a superior encounter, and it’s justified, despite all the trouble.

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