Best Laptops 2020 prices in Kenya

Best laptops of 2020 Prices in Kenya

Best Laptop Prices in Kenya 2020

Take time first and make this simple calculation that will save you thousands of money.

I’m going to share with you the best laptop for the year 2020 that will amuse you, but after that, will you opt for local purchase or the alternative?

Here’s the thing you need to know, you will have to shop around before settling down to that machine of your choice in terms of specifications and price.

Do you know the local sellers pass the extra costs like the shipping cost, tax and item clearance to you? Not to mention their profit.

You can easily bypass the local sellers, do away with these unnecessary expenses and order the laptop of your choice directly from the seller in the USA at a tremendously reduced price with surety of getting the original machines.

Technology has simplified things; the world has turned to a global village and global brands such as Kentex Cargo can easily help you ship the machine to your doorsteps within a short time.

Back to our discussion on the best laptops to watch out this year;

Do you know it’s not that easy to just make a conclusion on which laptop is the best? Laptops are designed and developed in different categories with different technologies to suit different needs.

I going to tell you the best laptops for 2020 based on the following three categories, Laptops for the professionals and college or study laptops – Mostly used for work, they are very slim, light and very portable.

Secondly, we have laptops for Gaming – this is an all in one powerful gaming machine that runs your modern high tech games without any difficulty. , lastly, we have the Ultrabook and the Chromebook that performs well but have some features like the DVD ROM not included.

Based on that knowledge, we have made it easy for you to select by creating a simplified list of the best laptops for this year 2020. Simplified the list and picked the best in each category for your

To make it to the Best laptop list, we have ascertained that the manufacturers have put into consideration the improved technology for the following features;

  • Sleek design
  • Display
  • Keyboard
  • Touchpad
  • General performance
  • Battery life and
  • Comfort

1.      Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 price in KeyaNot suitable for gamers but it’s perfect for the rest. Unlike in the best iPad for the year 2020 category, where Apple has scooped the first three positions, the laptops category has had the toughest competition ever and the best overall has been claimed by the Dell XPS 13. Yes, Dell has got it!
Dell laptop has proved once again to be the best of the best. From the interactions with the previous version of XPS, you noticed the web camera was not well aligned to point straight at you when video conferencing or taking pictures. This has been fixed with an addition to it is the smaller bezel that complements that smaller webcam that appears like a dot in front of you.
The design, speed, technology, and power has given the XPS 13 reasons to be the overall best and consumers number one laptop. Its supercharged processing speed has been equipped with the modern and latest Intel’s 8th. Generation Core processor.
Apart from an average performance of its battery due to the additions of a 4k display and powerful CPU, the rest of the features are great and the general performance is just perfect.

Let us look at these improved features of this machine:


Design – There some notable changes that this machine comes along with, first the color, Dell has introduced the Frost Silver and dropped the Rose Gold, also included the Arctic White color. 

The XPS 13 chassis is coated with the new technology of anodized aluminum complementing its sleek gray finish.

The reduced bezel comes in handy to With improved webcam to host the smaller version of their webcam that looks almost like a dot in front of you.

Webcam – Dell XPS 13 retains the bragging rights for the smallest webcam ever engineered by Dell, measuring just 0.08 inches, yet still it takes clear pictures. the new webcam has taken out the nose cam from the previous series of Dell laptops, this marks another milestone for Dell, they had to make this webcam by themselves and it fits well in the small top bezel.

Ports – Although Dell has reduced the number of ports, they have put into consideration your need for ports to help you run errands effectively and the essential ports are in place. On the left-hand side is a pair of thunderbolt ports that can also be used to connect to an external monitor of a large size.

On the right-hand side is the micro SD port, the headphone port, and a lock port.

Display – Now this is the killer! with reduced bezels, it appears an edgeless screen, beautifully big screen that has been enabled with an improved color scheme technology of 4K, It performs well especially for the graphic designers who need to see colors.

Audio – Dell has improved its audio delivery by incorporating modern speakers on the side to project quality audio for media.

Keyboard – Keyboard backlit technology has been well used while coming developing this computer, it’s thin and quite that gives you that peaceful experience while typing, placement of keys makes it easy to type faster. Without forgetting a revolutionary touchpad on the right side of your keyboard.

General Performance – Now, this is where everything is, stashed with the modern super-fast Intel 8th. Generation Core i7 CPU, 16GB expandable RAM that makes it a working horse and faster for complex tasks.

Battery – The battery life for the XPS 13 is not as amazing as the machine itself, this has been greatly affected by the full High Definition display and the 4K panel, if you switch on all the functionalities and optimized the CPU performance, it’s gonna last you 8 hours.


Dell XPS 13’s general performance is great, the technology and improved implied on this machine are worth it, the XPS 13 is best suitable for that task apart from gaming. I would advise you to go for it.



2.      Huawei MateBook 13

The Huawei MateBook 13 has not shocked many for clinging on the second-best position in this category of The best laptops for the year 2020.

The MateBook comes along with it, the latest and powerful components that guarantee strength and value for your money.

The laptop has been installed with the powerful Nvidia MX150 graphics card that may interest the gaming enthusiasts, the marvelous exterior that is well complemented with its lightweight that makes it easy to carry around suitable professionals and the students.

Unlike Dell XPS 13, the MateBook is not expensive making it favorable. On this machine, you will notice the absence of Thunderbolt, this I guess has not affected the price in any way. The Thunderbolt will only be missed with those professionals who have used the previous version of MateBook.


Acquiring this machine has become simple, just buy it from the selected sellers and ship it to Kenya and getting delivered to your doorsteps through Kentex Cargo.


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