Buy Motorola Razr in Kenya

Finally, the much-awaited foldable Motorola Razr is out!

It was officially released on the 22nd of January. 2020 and can be bought from some selected online stores across the USA. before we go into how and where to buy, let’s first dissect it to find out if it’s worth our dime.

The designers behind the Motorola Razr did something amazing by coming up with an intriguing design at the same time maintaining the iconic Motora look. All have been retained with an addition of the foldable element to the entire design making it an all-time admirable.

It’s an early opportunity for the lovers of foldable technologies to stand out and be among the few to own this masterpiece.


The picture is now clear on what it took Motorola to come up with such an ambitious undertaking to produce the amazing Motorola Razr.

The company is well known for its affordable yet quality smart smartphones. Their consistency in design is also something to allude to.

Foldable technology was initially intended to merge phones and tablets into one, and that is was has been transpiring with other brands, but for Motorola, they have uniquely used the technology to try and outdo themselves by removing the iconic flip feature in their phone instead, they’re now foldable!

Several reviews and concerns from different consumers on how good the foldable technology is, but most devices are not pocket-size friendly and this has been criticized a lot.

Motorola has heard you and the concerns have been addressed by coming with a pocket-sized phone with a large full touch screen.

When flipped or unfolded, the phone presents you a much larger full touch screen, It a bit larger than the iPhone 11 display.

The phone has improved features and functionality compared to its predecessors, but if compared to other brands its specifications are not the best, therefore a small disappointment.

Some noticeable features of the Motorola Razr;

  • Price – The price tag on this phone clearly tells you its a high-end gadget, You have to fetch Kshs. 114,000. It may sound familiar to those owning iPhone 11. Talk of foldable technology, the Motorola Rar is very affordable compared to other foldable.
  • Processor – Motorola Razr does not have the Snapdragon 865 processor but the Snapdragon 710 which is a bit lower which begs the question of why that way and they are in a position to install the Snapdragon 865 or even stuff it a Qualcomm 8series chipset that is widely used by other high-end phones?
  • Durability – The flex view technology being a new feature in the market has been tested and successfully deployed. The Flex has the same life span as the phone, therefore, making it more advanced compared to other foldable phones in the market.
  • Display – The Motorola Razr has the improved new technology of pOLED HD that is full touch higher quality and elongated screens.
  • Camera – It’s expected for any modern top of the class smartphone to have a high-quality camera array, Motora Razr did not disappoint on that. It has a single 16mp camera on the back. The camera has two appearances when you unfold, it comes to the back camera with 16 Mp when folded it becomes the front camera with 5mp. One thing you won’t find on this camera is the wide-angle photography.
  • Battery Life – The Motorola Razr has a battery with a capacity of 2510 mAh, well that may be good but not for a high-end smartphone such as this one. With such a phone much is expected especially when streaming online videos, with a battery of such capacity, it won’t last you long. The Razr come with a 15W fast charger, unfortunately, it does not support wireless charging and may sound not so good for anyone who’s been used to iPhones and Sumsang Smartphones.

Those are the features of this beautiful gadget, the foldable technology applied on this phone to replace the iconic flip, was just a bold gamble that finally paid off.

Where To buy

Considering the risks involved in buying items such as this one, you’d rather not to buy this from resellers, its something you can do by yourself. Buying a smartphone of this calibre at that price is not worth risking.

We all know smartphones top the list of the most counterfeited items, therefore take time, browse through the authorised sellers in the USA then selected the phone and make the purchase.

Kentex Cargo will always remain dedicated when it comes to shipping it from the USA to your doorsteps.

The option of buying from directly from sellers in the USA remains the better option. The phone can be easily bought from the online stores in the USA.

How to Buy the Motorola Razr

Its now official, the phone is available on Verizon and the Walmart and the website, It will be available on the rest of the stores the USA like the, among others later on.

In some cases where you find it difficult to complete the order, Kentex Cargo will swiftly step in to assist make that and other of your orders.

You may as well just relax and let us do the purchase on your behalf, ship it to Kenya and deliver it to your doorsteps. You pay the shipping fees after you receive the phone!

Amazon and eBay has not unveiled it, therefore you be able to buy from them until next week when it will be officially be released on their online store.

The Motorola Razr has officially declared its intention to compete against the giants such as the iPhone and Samsung in this arena of the foldable technology.


Our spending habits and capacity can be likened to that of Americans.

Kenyans do not mind spending as long as the item is worth it in terms of quality and value, unfortunately, sellers from the far east have taken this advantage by selling counterfeits to Kenyans.

Its therefore advisable to get the item directly from the sellers, shipping to Kenya has been taken care of by Kentex Cargo, trust in the experience and qualified staff from both Kenya and the USA.

Keep it here for more information on how to get that gadget from the USA.

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