Buy HP Elite Dragonfly Price in Kenya

HP Elite Dragonfly Price in Kenya. Which Options Do You Have?

Getting this machine to your doorsteps with Kentex Cargo is much easier, faster, cost-effective and 100% original as compared to acquiring it locally.

I will tell you how to get the HP Elite Dragonfly from the comfort of your seat at the click of the button, but first, let’s find found more about this workhorse.

HP has finally considered businessmen who are constantly on the move either long-distance or just around the town by coming up with a slim, light yet powerful laptop.

It’s back to back, from the powerful HP OMEN to now the HP Elite Dragonfly. They have done it once again. The OMEN specifically was a dedication to the Multi-billion gaming industry, the graphic designers and the guys in the multimedia industry.

We have always left to understand that the powerful laptops for the professionals have the most undoubted performance but lack appearance. Well, the designers of the HP Elite Dragon Fly have put into consideration both.

The Elite DragonFly is a machine that machines that leave the head-turning. The machine has heavily considered the high-level of security and ICT details as required by the professionals. The hardware has not been left behind right from its sleek design to enough ports with a high-speed processor to complement the kind of work you are running.

When traveling for a holiday and the same time you want to keep up to date with your work errands, the Elite Dragon Fly got your back, its beautiful, thin and light, easy to move around with.

Why buy fake and used laptops in Kenya in the name of “Refurbished” when you can import the original one for a lesser amount?

The machine can be an addition to guys in film and music production industry, with much mobility and the kind of hardware used by these people, the Elite Dragonfly can is the computer for that work. You need a good machine to run your drones, edit videos precisely and store all that data, well then this is it.

Whilst we forget, no need to beat around the bush for such a computer you’ll have to cough some good money, therefore, it’s most likely to be owned by the CEOs.

beauty is not just what this machine has, one of the amazing factors in this laptop is excellent and improved quite a keyboard that makes it lovely to type on, highly durable with the stiff chassis and very light and portable.

The Elite Dragon Fly weighs less than a kilogram! it is easy to spot it from the rest by its identifier “Elitebook” that can be seen printed just below the keyboard.

The Dragonfly Blue Color – With professional colors being a top consideration the Elite Dragon Fly is absolutely gorgeous. It comes in the beautiful blue color that depicts the Dragonfly.

Light – Another good consideration by the HP was reducing the bezels, this has tremendously reduced the size to 0.99kg measuring a total of 12 inches and 0.63 thickness.

Chassis – When working on your laptop then see those marks and fingerprints on the chassis, it that looks horrible, HP has also considered that by applying the oleophobic coating to the entire chassis, you won’t be able to see those marks again and cleaning your laptop will not require those chemicals as before, just a simple wipe and it’s as new as before.

Ports – You never know how important ports are on the laptop until you meet the professionals. Enough USB ports are a necessity, charging port, audio ports, HDMI and THunderbolt port are all catered for with the Elite Dragonfly.

The speakers – Professionals also need time out by listening to music or watching that favorite video, the new High-Tech speakers on this laptop will be available to serve that purpose, HP has just killed it on this one, the department in charge of speakers have done a marvelous work, traditionally the speakers were placed to project sound from below, but in this case, it is totally different. The audio is projected upward that you can even jam the music from the laptop, the four speakers are just perfect for conference calls too.

Display- The other striking thing about the DragonFly is the display, it has display of 13.3 inches touch screen that is HD touch sure view display.

Battery – The battery life the Elite DRagonfly one has greatly improved to sustain up to 24 hrs! this one area that HP took time to improve, it’s just amazing with increased battery life.

Keyboard – The keyboard is thin to complement the laptop’s chassis design, it is very quiet and beautiful that even if you typed how hard it’s just like you’re typing on a ball of cotton wool, it backlit


Believe you me, the Elite Dragon fly outperform the all gaming laptops in the market today, Relax! let me just tell you why;

Processor – The machine has the 8th. Generation Intel Core i5 to Core i7 Central Processing Unit with vPro. It may not sound that tough, but it crushes every task given to it.

RAM – The machine has an internal memory of 16 GB, which is enough to back up the processor and crush every job.

Storage Type USSD – The storage capacity ranges from 256 GB.

Security Features – The Dragonfly computer is purposely made for professionals therefore security is of the essence. HP has not contracted third parties in this but they have taken the matter in their own hands by equipping the device with the HP Sure Start. In the case, you lose your computer or data the HP Sure Start will help you in recovering it.

HP Sure View – Our webcams are nowadays easily hacked into and some strange people are constantly glancing at us. This was also a point of concern for HP and they have sorted out by introducing the HP Sure View. This feature is impenetrable by hackers who stalk you or even try to read from your device.


HP Elite Dragon Fly is for professionals and therefore it’s not as boring or soulless as you may think, the machine is an all-rounder that you can effectively play the modern high-end games without compromising


Just like HP, at Kentex Cargo we understand how security is of the essence, we strongly urge our clients to get their devices from directly from the USA. Let us help you shop around for the best gadget that is uncompromised meets your budget.


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