iPad Pro 11 (2018) price in Kenya

iPad Pro 11 (2018)


Acquiring an advanced yet affordable tablet has just been simplified; Apple has just challenged their die-hard clients and fans by releasing this masterpiece specifically for those who are conversant with tablets, here’s the challenge for you, the iPad Pro 11 is.


Do not be easily attracted to its sleekness, the iPad Pro 11 has been deliberately introduced to be used by the professionals in the design, graphics industry or even complex assignments that involve coding, this is your thing.

The massive power and performance invested in this machine will only let you own this tablet as a luxury- that is if you are an average user and its something you will have to pay for it.

The iPad Pro is with no doubt the most advanced yet powerful tablet in the market, with large full touch screen yet smaller bezel, the inclusion of an improved Apple pencil is a game-changer and by far places Apple ahead of the game.



With almost no bezel, the iPad Pro 11 has boasted of massive improved full touch 11-inch screen. This being among the expensive tablets in the market, Apple has put tremendous efforts in developing a touch screen with the latest OLED screen, the last time we saw this effort was on the iPhone XR.

Almost every aspect and taste of the client has been put into consideration, TAKE for instance when watching movies or playing games in the dark, the new improved screen accords you that pleasure of backlit LCD.


When interacting with this gadget, you’re likely to mistake it for iPhone 4, holding the tablet to your hand and general handling has been improved by the new slim body.

You will also notice the curve element has been left out in this one but that has nothing to do with much-improved comfort and tight iPad Pro 11 grip.

Miniaturization of internal components with improved new Apple Pencil could have been the reasons of the Apple engineers doing away with the metallic curved surface but that not confirmed, the entire design is fine and the back allows for wireless charging despite there being no glass at the back.

iPad Pro 11 will not disappoint you when listening to music or watching your favorite series, unlike other iPads, this one has new improved speakers that have been reduced in size but the sound has been boosted. The reduction in size was to provide room for woofers which are not to be found on any other iPads. Unfortunately for those who prefer privacy while listening to sound, the iPad Pro 11 will not be your preference, Apple has decided to do away with a headphone jack that marks another gamble by the Apple engineers.

Modern gadgets are transitioning from incorporating the headphone jack on the devices to the new technology called the USB-C connection, the good news is, you can connect to your iPad using Bluetooth headphones and listen to that good music but at an extra cost, the apple pods will cost some few amounts for you totally enjoy your new iPad Pro 11.


The iPad Face ID


Apple has never disappointed when it comes to security, with iPad Pro 11 is no exception, Apple’s development of biometric security access system purposely for iPads is something on the next level.

We have interacted with security features like touch ID, Fingerprint scanner and many more, but with ever reducing bezels and soon we may not even have bezels on our iPads, the iPad Face ID has taken over, it may be in iPhones but the iPad one is purposely engineered to serve that purpose.

With a highly improved HD camera, you are now able to access your device through a facial recognition security mechanism that is unlikely to be hacked or bypassed.


The Apple Pencil

Unlike the previous versions of iPad, the iPad Pro 11 comes with the Apple Pencil firmly attached to the device hence minimizing the risks of losing it.

That flat edge that is now our new normal provides room for Apple Pencil storage at the same attachment of the magnetic strip that secures firmly your Apple Pencil to the gadget.

With the new improved pencil and the iPad Pro 11 being the gadget for the professionals, Apple has improved the touch screen by adding a new layer of the screen so as not to leave any traces when using your pencil.



If you thought that by digging deep down your pocket was enough, wait until the keyboard is mentioned to you.

Well, before we look at how much you will cough out for you to get this keyboard as an extra, let us look at what it made of and the improvements accorded to it, then see if it is worth it.

It’s a new improved keyboard with decent designs that helps the user to attain the top level of typing with improved typing speed.

The keyboard comes with a double ridge to help you customize your iPad on the desktop and also on the lap. It’s a two in one.

Keyboards feature with improved larger keys will let you use your iPad Pro 11 as a laptop or as a desktop, this is plus. The larger keys will let you type faster without forgetting its portability for travelers.

Some notable improvement on this keyboard is its connection to the iPad Pro 11, you will have to connect it smartly by clipping the keyboard on the connector.

Some downsides on this one are the connection, whenever there’s a poor connection, you will notice some disconnection, and also the keyboard should use the backlit technology that is currently in use by other modern keyboards.


Operating System

iPad Pro 11 has just taken everyone by surprise, everything new from iPad Face ID to new layers on the screen, and now introducing iPadOS!

The iPadOS is Apple’s idea of developing Operating systems strictly for the iPads and here it is! I look forward to seeing this iPad with 64 GB RAM Processor IOS 121 BIONIC A12X.


The iPad Pro 11 is strictly developed for the professionals, anyone with average knowledge on this gadget will only be buying it for pleasure.

It may be costly but it is worth every coin considering the improvements and the technology used.

Buying it locally may not be advised therefore you should get it directly from the manufacturer, let Kentex Cargo deliver it to you within days.









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