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Back in 2012, Apple unveiled the MacBook Pro 17-inch and added it to its lineup of awesome notebook computers. The new version brings a combination of portability and power and gives you extra screen space. This essentially makes it the biggest screen that Apple has launched in the notebook category to date. It’s a preference for those users who love big screens for comfort, and they can use their notebook for an extended time when working without straining.

Graphic designers and photographers have a real reason to smile as they can comfortably use their photo editing or video editing software thanks to the big screen. The screen truly makes it a useful and convenient machine to work with for your projects. Besides, it’s easy to open multiple windows simultaneously, which makes multitasking easy. On the large screen, you can easily manipulate photos or videos and even create or edit texts.

Why do people love MacBook Pro 17-inch? Probably because it’s a perfect mix of both desktop and laptop. The large screen is an impressive proposition to many as it’s comfortable to use for a longer period than a smaller laptop. You can use it on the desk or a flat surface without needing to carry it around quite often. The extra screen space gives you the perfect comfort to work, which is a no-brainer. However, you need to buy a new notebook protective bag for carrying it around comfortably for a better working environment.

If you are a gamer, you will find the extra screen space awesome! Playing video games on a big screen has an intense encompassing effect. On the other hand, you can comfortably watch movies or TV shows on your MacBook Pro 17-inch as it’s perfect for streaming videos too. You may be surprised by how people love bigger screens like this one.

The MacBook Pro-17-inch complements your iPad Pro. If you already have the iPad Pro, it makes perfect sense to get this awesome MacBook Pro. The new model is big enough, and you want to update your 13-inch or 15-inch for this great machine. The 2-extra inches mean a lot.  It’s a gorgeous screen size with a lovely modern look. Get your MacBook Pro 17-inch shipped to Kenya by KENTEX CARGO.


The Apple MacBook Pro 17-inch has a 2.93GHz Core i7 Intel processor and comes with 8GB RAM space. You get Nvidia 9400M and 9600M integrated graphics cards. The hard disk space is 320GB with 5400RPM, which is standard, but there is room to upgrade it to the 320GB with 7200RPM hard drive. Alternatively, you can use 128GB or 256GB solid-state drive. Remember, a 500GB option is not available, though you can get it if you want one.


Looking at the MacBook Pro 17-inch for the first time, it feels and looks precisely like the first version. But if you think about it on a second look, you start noticing the great features of this beautiful laptop. The work done by Apple technicians has left the unibody design untouched and very clean, which leaves it unmolested.

The aluminum unibody chassis gives the laptop an amazing feel and durability. The sharp 90-degrees angle on the edges digs well at your wrists. The sheer build quality and aesthetic value make it a top model to consider. The MacBook Pro 17-inch remains one of the best Apple models to date.

It weighs just 6.6 pounds, and it’s 15.47-inches long. This means you won’t feel it as you carry it around to various places or work. Furthermore, you can easily jaunt between the desk and couch. This 17-inch MacBook Pro laptop holds its ground perfectly. Probably, the lightest 17-inch laptop in the world.



The trackpad and keyboard have the Apple Chiclet-style, which delivers a clean and minimalistic aesthetic that you would love. The standard backlight is a go even for night owls. Plus, the soggy-feel of key presses is boggling apart from its narrow nature and shortened keys. The shortening omits number pad, which leaves the keyboard with plenty of room. The keyboard on the MacBook Pro 17-inch only occupies 10.75-inches of the 15.47-inches width of the laptop. The extra space is used for the MacBook Pro speaker grilles.

The trackpad has an opposite approach and casts a finger-friendly glass patch over most of the area below your keyboard. It will take you a few minutes to adapt to this button-less design that gives you the entire pad to click. In the long-run, you will prefer it more so if you combine it with some multi-touch gestures like right-click going back and forward or the Expose.



Apple is not known to joke on displays, and the MacBook Pro 17-inch is no exception. You enjoy a 1920×1200 LED-backlit LCD panel. This includes the superb inky black, brightness, not mentioning the eye-popping colors. If the brightness is too much for you, you can always purchase the anti-glare from Apple Store. The screen is sharp, has a colorful panorama, and very contrasty.

Battery life

After popping that inflated battery life number, you will be grateful to see that the numbers are allegedly accurate after battery-life testing. You can last 7 hours with continuous use when surfing the web at maximum display brightness or watching movies. This isn’t bad in comparison to other laptop models, which give you 6 hours like the HP ProBook 4720.

Besides, the charging time is quick. You can bring the MacBook Pro 17-inch to 50% charge in just 50 minutes or less. The laptop comes with an 85-watt adapter.


The Webcam can capture true 720p HD videos. You can easily notice the extra pixels if you use YouTube. The automatic exposure compensation is awesome, and the camera prioritizes surroundings such as the sky and clouds, which makes picture quality exceptional. It’s quite clear for your video conferences and calls.


The monstrous size fires up speakers amazingly, which is no surprise.  It pumps out more than you are used to hearing from your laptops. Users can place this MacBook Pro 17-inch at a distance when watching movies or TV shows even without headphones on, and you still get enough vibration and bass with the volume full. The left and right speakers are well-positioned to give you the stereo effect you desire, which is uncommon for most laptops.

Ports & wireless


It has Thunderbolt unique port, which is shared on the left-hand side of this MacBook Pro with other ports. These ports include MagSafe power connector, FireWire 800, 3-USB ports, Thunderbolt, Ethernet, and an audio line-in. Other ports include ExpressPort 34 and headphones.

On the right-hand side, there is a DVD drive. You will need the ExpressCard 34 slot for SSD and other accessories. It means you need an SSD card reader, which you can get from Apple Store as well. Wireless connectivity is great, though not that perfect.

The Intel Thunderbolt has much fanfare. The data connection matches the flash, and very fast. Plus, it can run at 10Gbps. This is twice faster than even USB 3.0, which runs at 5Gbps.

In essence, you can easily transfer an entire HD movie in merely 30 seconds. You can even connect 6-devices to the same port as Thunderbolt has the chaining capability.


  • Great unibody design
  • Fast data connection
  • Gorgeous display – high resolution
  • Superb speakers with great audio quality
  • True 720p HD video
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Efficient, fast Core i7 Intel processor


  • Exceptional gloss making it hard to see
  • No SD slot & blue-ray drive
  • Leans only 45 degrees hinges from horizontal

Bottom Line


If you want the MacBook Pro that will give you great picture quality and big screen, then MacBook Pro 17-inch is the right pick. The laptop gives you the power you have missed for a creature of comfort. It’s not easy finding the best homier setup better than MacBook Pro 17-inch.

You will appreciate the additional graphics and processing power. Plus, the speedy and new Thunderbolt interface makes it a better product. Gaming lovers and video editors can appreciate the performance of this monstrous laptop.

As someone looking for a big-screen laptop, this MacBook Pro 17-inch is a popular option because of it’s stylish in design, has great screen resolution and hardware. Any new user will come to love the effort and skill that has gone to the engineering of this marvelous 17-inch MacBook. The version came out in early 2012, but it’s still a preferable choice compared to other brands of similar or close screen size. As an enthusiast, you deserve to settle for a MacBook that checks all the boxes.

Even the less demanding users feel better owning this MacBook Pro.  This is a better laptop in comparison to others of similar screen size. Apple doesn’t cut corners in its engineering, which is why it continues to produce the best laptop models. You can get this MacBook Pro 17-inch shipped from the US to Kenya using KENTEX CARGO.

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