MacBook Pro Touch Bar 13 inch MNQF2PP/A (2016) price in Kenya

MacBook Pro Touch Bar 13 inch MNQF2PP/A (2016) price in Kenya

For a long time, Microsoft has been the leading manufacturers of laptops and the darling option for many people. Not until Apple started making amazing laptop brands like MacBook Pro. The real question to ask yourself is what you desire in a laptop computer.

The Apple ecosystem engages in a great deal of software that works perfectly together, and people haven’t experienced significant problems. This makes laptops, phones, or tablets to mesh perfectly, giving users a fantastic experience. The Apple ecosystem is incomparable. Any issues with Mac computers is handled by Apple techs who have years of experience and have undergone thorough training to fix the devices promptly.

One thing that computer enthusiasts agree on is the reliability, faster processing speeds that the computer offers is at the top of their priority list. So, what do you see when you look at an amazing laptop computer like MacBook Pro Touch Bar 13 inch MNQF2PP/A 2016?

Most people see the style, exceptional feel in the keyboard, great display, and long-lasting laptop and other amazing features that a computer buyer can desire. The seamless professional-grade software tools like InDesign, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop all work without hangings or crashing while at top speed.

The brilliant MacBook Pro sleep mode, closing or opening the lid doesn’t affect your work; you can resume exactly where you left. Most importantly, there is no virus or malware. People love the MacBook Pro because of its lightweight, long battery life. The Mac doesn’t leave creative people behind, as they enjoy excellent gamut color, great design, ease of use, and longevity.

The Apple store feature is amazing and can fix your issues quickly and efficiently whenever you have problems with your MacBook Pro or iPhone. The amazing experience leaves you happy and comfortable. Plus, it gives you peace of mind. Apple products are well-designed, and that’s why the company has won several awards for their service to design and enterprise. You can ship MacBook Pro Touch Bar MNQF2PP/A 2016 from the USA directly to Kenya using KENTEX CARGO.

Apple technicians are very professional and handle customer queries promptly and can fix both the software and hardware components efficiently. This is who you want to be handling your vital MacBook Pro computer. Moreover, Apple has stores worldwide to ensure you are not stuck with your problem. You can go to any Apple store and get the quick service you need, which gives you peace of mind.


If you desire the best Apple laptop, then the MacBook Pro Touch Bar MNQF2PP/A 2016 is always at the top of the pile. The keyboard has the latest Touch Bar feature with an integrated Touch ID sensor. This replaces the function keys with a touch-sensitive control that adapts for different applications and provides Touch ID login support and a gigantic Force Touch trackpad.

You get build quality with robust, detailed elements like space gray aluminum casing. It has delicate speakers on either side of the keyboard integrated perfectly to its flexible hinge. The capability of MacBook Pro is far superior to other alternatives. The Mac OS is better designed for pleasure and usability than other popular options like Windows.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar MNQF2PP/A 2016 is adored by many because it’s beautiful, fast and has a great built. Besides, Apple has excellent customer support. The OS/X is still ranked the best in the world. You can seamlessly integrate your MacBook Pro Touch Bar with your iPhone 8. This enables you to shuffle files back and forth or text your friends straight from your laptop computer. These are stuff you can’t do with Windows.

The MacBook Pro is well-weighted to enable you to open it even with one hand, unlike other rival computers. The keyboard has easy to find lettering with excellent travel to offer you ultimate comfort. The keys feel more solid and stable to give you the best efficiency and balance.


The best part is the Retina display, which is a towering feature in MacBook Pro laptops, as it makes the computer look fantastic. Apple has sumptuous sleeves that you can put your laptop in and comes with dimples to enable the rubber feet to slit well.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar MNQF2PP/A has a color widescreen LED-backlit display with IPS technology with a native resolution of 2560 x 1600 at 227 PPI. The brightness rating is 500 nits and a wide color gamut (P3). It supports scaled resolutions of 1024 x 640, 1140 x 900, and 1680 x 1050.

The Apple screen specialists have made the colors on-screen look more natural and can adapt to suit your ambient color temperature to give you extra fidelity. Its color accuracy beats those of other closest competitors.

Having a retina display is most useful when you have compatible apps that can use it. HD+ resolution is a welcome plus. Furthermore, you can get your retina-enabled apps from the App store for maximum clarity.


MacBook Pro Touch Bar is a powerful portable Mac with one of the highest speed to match its price. The Mac model lives up to its strong performance reputation and Mac tradition. This Mac has 2.9GHz, Intel Core i5 Intel processors giving you plenty of RAM of 8GB. You can also increase the RAM and storage size considerably up to 16GB of RAM at the time of purchase only. Of course, this will give you tremendous storage space for the portable computer.


This MacBook Pro Touch Bar has Intel Iris graphics 550 and shares the memory with the system. The graphics work perfectly on video games likes Warcraft, Call of Duty, and has an amazing playability threshold in native resolution.

Ports and Webcam

The Mac features four Thunderbolt 3 ports USB-C connector, which gives you 40Gbps transfer speeds. It also comes with a USB Adapter, three microphones, and 3.5 headphone jack. Users enjoy Bluetooth 5.0 and an integrated 720p FaceTime HD webcam.

Battery Life

The increased battery life improves MacBook Pro Touch Bar 2016’s enhanced performance. The battery can last up to 10 hours on iTunes movies playback or wireless web. The battery is glued in place and cannot be removed or replaced by the end-user.

Software & Warranty

Many creatives love the video editing tool in the MacBook Pro Touch Bar MNQF2PP/A. The Final Cut Pro X is a total hit in the Apple Hardware, and the Capture one Pro 12 also runs greatly on the MacBook Pro. You can easily navigate your library and even import or export files to make some local adjustments. The experience is amazing and silky-smooth, even when doing it from your external Hard Drive.

Mac gives you iLife and iWork suites free, and you can enjoy OS X Yosemite, which enables you to take calls on your Mac from your iPhone. The feature also enables you to continue typing the message you were typing from your MacBook Pro on your iPad or iPhone and vice versa.

Yosemite is a great continuity feature with a cleaner interface. Besides, iCloud Drive enables you to store your files safely for easier retrieval anywhere and anytime. Software updates are free and automatic. Access to your iCloud is simple, and you enjoy secure synchronization. You enjoy a warranty period of one year.


  • Excellent speakers.
  • Solid battery life
  • Useful Touch Bar
  • Force Touch trackpad
  • Connectivity is fast and usable.
  • High-Resolution Retina display.


  • Less travel on keyboard keys.
  • No SD Card slot
  • No MagSafe power connector.
  • Expensive

Bottom Line

The MacBook Pro 13-inch Touch Bar MNQF2PP/A 2016 gives you improved performance and longer battery life. It’s faster, and the MacBook ProTouch Bar gives you a better screen display with a native resolution of 2560 x 1600 at 227 pixels. The Retina display looks better in this gorgeous screen.

A well-cared MacBook Pro Touch Bar lasts a long time. This Mac is durable and can last 7-8 years, which makes it cost-effective in the long run. One of its selling strengths is its software and hardware. Mac makes a suite of apps that are tailored and well-optimized for users.

This is a light laptop and has all the ports you need. You can work smoothly from your office and seamlessly sync your devices. The Mac is reliable and has one of the best screens and security, which inspires confidence. You can use the MacBook Pro for both pleasure and work. The self-configuration and settings are easy to understand. Troubleshooting is relatively easy, and you get quick and effective Apple customer support.

It’s easy to find the right app with MacBook Pro Touch Bar MNQF2PP/A without needing to dig through folders and menus. Plus, connecting to Wi-Fi and typing your password is relatively easy. Overall, MacBook Pro offers you stability. It’s the Pro for you. KENTEX CARGO looks forward to receiving your order and shipping it for you from the USA to ensure you get it at your doorstep here in Kenya at a very reasonable cost.

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