Shipping A Full Container From USA to Kenya

Full Container Shipping From USA to Kenya

Full container load shipping is an ocean shipment in which the cargo occupies the full container of any size. In this case, a full container load can mean a 20-foot container a 40-foot container or even a 53-foot container.

FCL vs LCL Shipping from USA to Kenya

The content of a full container load may be either brand new items or used commodities. Whatever is contained in the container simply mean that it has one consignee in Kenya.

This means one container one consignee In Kenya. 

We offer full container load shipment for commodities shipping from the United States to Kenya. The good thing about full container load shipping is that you can load from any state In the USA and have it picked up from whichever warehouse you are loading it to Kenya.

The Requirements of Shipping a Full Container Load

You will be required to manifest each item in your container. Your manifest is going to form 4 important shipping documents

  1. the manifest
  2. the bill of lading
  3. commercial invoice
  4. and the packing list

The Manifest

The manifest is a document that details of what entered a container before the beginning of the voyage, and it should be the exact same thing that exit the container at the port of landing.

shipping lines are not necessarily required to carry a manifest however these documents are required in Kenya by customs when clearing your goods.

Simply said a manifest is like a passport for your cargo. It shows how many pieces of a certain commodity entered the container and the same number is expected to exit the container at the port of landing.

It also details the nature of the goods in the container especially for the purposes of cracking down contraband goods.

Bill of Lading

A bill of lading is a shipping document issued by the Courier to acknowledge receipt of goods for shipment. Bill of lading is transferable. In Air shipping, the common term is Master Airway Bill

Bill of lading may carry the same exact information as the manifest, but it differs in function. The bill of lading has 3 main function in international trade.

  1. it acts as evidence of goods received by the carrier from the shipper (you).
  2. It contains evidence of trade terms and agreement between the shipper and carrier
  3. It acts as the document of title of goods shipped. Meaning the bill of lading shows the owner or the consignee of the goods.

 The Commercial Invoice

The commercial invoice is a legal document between the supplier and the customer that clearly describes the sold goods, the amount due to customer, HS codes, and the value of the goods.

The commercial invoice is one of the main documents used by customs in determining custom duties due at the port of entry.

In Kenya, the commercial invoice is an exact mirror image of IDF form filed with KRA before pre exploitation verification of conformity by your clearing agent.

Although commercial invoice format is not standardized throughout the world, here are the main things that must be included in a commercial invoice.

  1. the seller or the supplier of the goods
  2. the consignee or the receiver of the goods
  3. the name and the address of the intermediate carrier
  4. the tax ID of the receiver
  5. the country of origin
  6. gross weight and net weight
  7. total shipment in pieces
  8. weight and dimensions of each shipment
  9. the declared value of the goods
  10. international harmonized code also called HS code
  11. usually a signature of the sender

The Packing List

A packing list is a document that includes details about the contents of a package. The packing list is intended to let transport agencies, government authorities, carriers, freight forwarders and their customers the content of the packages. These details help each of these parties handle the package accordingly.

For example, the packing list should give details about hazardous material, parking instructions, and should include any pertinent hazardous material handling documents, precautions and emergency contact in case of damage oil spillage.

A packing list is not a customs document but rather, a document that give instructions about the nature of goods being shipped. This is very important for the carrier and shipping lines handling your shipment.

Pre-exploitation verification of conformity companies require a detailed packing list before inspection of your goods so that they can issue a certificate of conformity (CoC).

Basically, these are the main requirements when shipping a full container load. Please note that these are prerequisite documents but that does not mean that this is everything that you require.

For used goods in a full container load there are 2 more documents are required by the Kenya Bureau of standards.

Certificate of Fumigation

The certificate of fumigation is issued by certified fumigation agency in the USA after the good have been fumigated against any pest or contagious diseases.

Local inspection agencies in the United States will not issue a certificate of conformity without the certificate of fumigation. The same document is required when clearing your good in Kenya.

This only applies to used good for commercial purposes and does not apply when shipping household good for personal use.

Certificate of fumigation is not required for returning residents. the government is not in a business of regulating personal household goods that are private.

Public Health Certificate

The public health certificate is issued by the local health department in the United States declaring that there are no communicable diseases in that region where your used goods originated from.

Again, local inspection bodies in the United States will not issue a certificate of conformity until they receive a public health certificate that is verifiable by a Phone call during the inspection or before the inspection.

Almost every time local inspection agency inspector will call the local public health department and verify the authenticity of your public health certificate.

How can Kentex cargo help you ship a full container load.

Currently we only offer this service to people who are in Kenya buying goods from the United States through our outsourcing program.

We do not have this service available to Kenyans living in the diaspora or people who are purchasing their goods directly from the supplier.

If you wish to purchase goods in bulk from the United States to Kenya and ship full container load, then we need to talk.

We can help you research, negotiate, purchase or procure, inspect, ship, clear and delivered to your location in Kenya

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