Frequently Asked Questions

How is Shipping Weight Calculated?2019-04-20T12:10:34+00:00

We weigh your items infront of you and that is what you pay. Starting Feb 2017, you can ship anything without worrying about Volumetric weight. You only pay for actual weight.

How Does Kentex Save You Money on Air Shipping?2019-04-20T12:11:56+00:00

We work hard to earn your business and even harder to keep your shipping costs low. Here is how we save you money on air shipping from USA to Kenya.

  • We shop for you and save you on money remittance costs from Kenya to USA
  • We repackage your items into smaller boxes, removing unnecessary weight
  • We consolidate all your items into a single package, making it convenient, cheap and safe.
  • Your items delivery is 100% guaranteed or we compensate. No one loses anything with us if we received it!
How Long Does it Take to Deliver Shipment to Kenya From USA?2019-04-20T12:13:22+00:00

We ship out every week on Thursday from Dallas, Texas. Allow 10-14 working days to deliver to Kenya. Please note that this is the time it takes from when we receive your items from the seller.

How do I pay for my Shipment?2019-04-20T12:15:12+00:00

You can pay for your shipment using bank deposit, MPESA or Paypal (for USA accounts). We normally acknowledge your payments as soon as it is verified. USA customers can also pay using Cashapp $KentexCargo (469-307-6571)

When do I pay for my shipment from USA?2019-04-20T12:17:24+00:00

You pay for the cost of buying your item upfront. We will purchase your item immediately and send you a confirmation receipt, usually within minutes to hours after you pay.

You pay for shipping cost from USA once your items have arrived. You are welcome to our office at westlands or we can deliver whereever you are within Nairobi area.

How long will it take for my goods to arrive after I make payment?2019-04-23T10:08:52+00:00

You should expect to receive your goods within five (5) to ten (10) working days in Nairobi after your goods arrive in our U.S warehouse. After your goods arrive, we’ll call, email or sms you informing you of the same.  If you experience delays in receiving your goods, contact us immediately and we will help to confirm the status of your goods. If you need to have your order delivered urgently, that can be arranged by requesting expedited shipping, though this will cost you extra to send via your preferred method, DHL, USPS or FedEx. Please note that it is important to order goods for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, Weddings and Birthdays well ahead of time (At least 3 weeks earlier) this is because delays sometimes do occur as a result of uncontrollable circumstances such as bad weather, increased volumes (e.g. around the holidays) or inefficiencies at the port of entry or Acts of God.

Do quoted shipping rates include Import Duties and Taxes?2019-04-23T10:10:22+00:00


How will I receive my goods on Arrival?2019-04-23T10:11:54+00:00

After your goods are ready for collection, you can schedule a pick up or a delivery. Deliveries will be done at an extra cost. All goods destined to a location outside Nairobi will be shipped via courier service by G4S only to your destination at an extra cost. We can do country wide delivery. For any questions regarding pick-up and delivery, please contact us.

Will I receive updates on when my goods are delivered to your U.S Warehouse?2019-04-23T10:13:22+00:00

Yes, you will.

Are you discreet or private about my goods?2019-04-23T10:14:55+00:00

Yes. Your privacy is our number one priority!

Can you facilitate the process of returning an ordered product to a seller back to the U.S?2019-04-23T10:16:25+00:00

Well, unfortunately this may happen, wrong size or fit, etc. Yes, we can. Buyer is responsible for the charges or costs incurred.

What will my free US address look like? Is it a physical address or just a P.O. Box?2019-04-23T10:18:35+00:00

We provide you with a forever free physical US address, NOT just a Mailbox or a P.O. Box.

Your US address allows you to receive mail, packages of any size or even oversized items on pallets that are shipped from merchants using major shipping carriers such as UPS, DHL, USPS, etc. You will not encounter any issues with companies that refuse to ship to P.O. Boxes.

Your US address will look like this:

Your Name or Company Name
1234 Example Avenue
City, State, Zip Code
United States

Some US stores require a US Phone number for orders, what number should I provide them?2019-04-23T12:06:34+00:00

You can provide them with our contact number which will be given together with your FREE US Address.

What items am I prohibited from shipping?2019-04-29T10:37:34+00:00

Prohibited or Restricted Commodities items may vary by country. See Kenya’s here

How do you calculate the Billable Weight?2019-04-23T12:27:16+00:00

We follow the international standard to determine the Billable Weight of a shipment. All international shipping carriers base their shipping rates on the Billable Weight, which is the greater of Actual Weight and Dimensional Weight. Actual Weight is the weight of the package when put on a scale. Dimensional Weight is based on the size of the package. Large items that have a small Actual Weight, like pillows and lamp shades, will have a larger Dimensional Weight.

For up-to-date information on how Dimensional Weight is calculated by shipping carriers, please visit DHL Dimensional Weight Calculator or UPS Dimensional Weight Calculator.

How long can I store my items at your U.S or Nairobi Office?2019-04-23T12:27:44+00:00

We can store each package free of charge for a period of 60 days from the date of delivery in our U.S Warehouse. The maximum storage time for each package is 30 days since the date of its delivery to our Nairobi office.

What forms of payment are accepted?2019-04-23T12:28:21+00:00

You can pay for the shipping fees and/or your Assisted Purchases using a wide range of payment methods

PAYPAL (only for assisted purchases or USA residents)

CREDIT CARDS (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and most other major Credit cards) (only for assisted purchases or USA Residents)

BANK WIRE TRANSFER (Shipping Charges Only)

MPESA (Shipping Charges Only)

Checks, Money orders or Western Union are not accepted at this time.

Some merchants require a credit card with a US billing address. I don’t have one, what can I do?2019-04-23T12:29:36+00:00

There are several things you can do:

  1. Use our Assisted Purchase service: Personal Shopping or Business Goods Shopping.
  2. We will order the item(s) for you, and provide you with the (Order placement / Shipping / Delivery) confirmations. Learn more about this here.
  • Once the item(s) arrives at our U.S Warehouse, you can choose to forward it to you or combine with other items before forwarding it.

You may try to get a Prepaid Debit Card locally like the Safaricom I&M Safari M-pesa Visa Card.

I want to buy items from U.S. websites but they won’t ship to my international address. Can KenTex Cargo allow me to access these deals?2019-04-23T12:30:04+00:00

With your own US address from us, you will be able to buy goods far cheaper than otherwise possible. Most of US merchants will not ship to international addresses, but now you can! Ship the goods to your established address with us and we will then consolidate all your packages and ship them to you outside the U.S to Kenya.

Do you accept Cash on Delivery (C.O.D) shipments?2019-04-23T12:30:33+00:00

Yes, we do accept. We simply must have your explicit confirmation and down payment before receiving such shipments. Please note, Shipping Charges only not Purchasing Charges!

What if I can’t access the internet? Can you still offer service to my area?2019-04-23T12:31:19+00:00

Yes. You can still have your mail and packages forwarded, but it will have to be on a fixed schedule. Simply sign up for our automatic forwarding option and we will send your packages and mail on a prearranged schedule.

Which countries do you ship to?2019-04-23T12:31:45+00:00

At the moment, we serve Kenya only but if you are from any of the neighboring East African Countries, please contact us.

Do you offer shipping services within the United States?2019-04-23T12:32:11+00:00

Yes. We will offer our address to anyone in the United States. We have many customers that ship through us within the United States in order to create a US business presence and receive an Elkhart, Indiana postmark on their outgoing mail and packages.

Do you offer any options for forwarding letters and documents?2020-02-24T19:48:07+00:00

We do not handle letters, mails and documents

What if I don’t want some of the mail that arrives in my box? Do I have to pay to have it sent to me?2019-04-23T12:33:02+00:00

No, we will discard it with only prior notification.

Do you require a deposit?2019-04-23T12:33:28+00:00

Yes, for use of our Assisted Purchase service: Personal Shopping or Business Goods Shopping

What social networking sites can I find Kenya Air Cargo on?2019-04-23T12:34:14+00:00
I still have a question not covered here. What do i do?2019-04-29T10:38:10+00:00

Don’t hesitate to contact us

Can I Ship Engines & Motorcycles?2020-02-24T20:02:07+00:00

You should be able to ship used car engines, but it must be within the described age by the Kenyan government. Such commodities must be quoted before being received in our warehouse.

Please note that the United States does not have a motor vehicle inspection body for pre exportation verification of conformity (PVoC).

That means that your engine will be inspected on arrival by Kenya Bureau of standards and issue a local certificate of conformity at a fee of 15% of CIF.

The same rule applies to motorbikes, off-road vehicles like ATVs. Please contact us before but using a motor vehicle engine, motor vehicle parts, a boat, a motorcycle, golf carts, or off-road vehicles. Please note we are not handling construction equipment until further equipment.

Does Weight Matter in Ocean Freight2020-02-24T20:16:09+00:00

Weight does not matter when it comes to ocean freight. However, if you want Kentex cargo to pick up your boxes and barrels (Dallas area) the weight cannot exceed 50 kilos for boxes and 75 kilos for barrels.


Please note that we charge $30 per cubic foot for consolidated household goods. This does not include cosmetics, foods supplements, and medical products that are controlled by special government bodies in Kenya.

Can I ship Undeclared Items to Kenya?2020-02-24T20:20:10+00:00

All items being shipped outside the United States must be accurately declared in terms of quantities quality and cost.

It is illegal to add declare commodities being shipped outside the United States or being imported to Kenya.

We do not accept misrepresented shipment or a shipment that we feel has been added declared over not declared accurately.

When Do I Pay For Ocean Freight2020-02-24T20:31:42+00:00

Unlike air shipping where we allow customers to pay for their shipment on arrival, ocean freight must be prepaid before picking up or before shipping from our warehouse.

For our clients in the diaspora, we can only schedule for pick up or accept the shipment in our warehouse if it is 100% paid for.

This is to avoid a common problem with abandonment or pickup delays, especially with used clothes and shoes.

What’s The Cost Consolidated Sea Freight2020-02-29T01:52:31+00:00

Sea shipping cost is $30 per cubic foot for consolidated goods. These are household goods either new or used.

Commercial goods less than container load will be quoted in per case basis.

If you want to ship a full container full of commercial merchandise, we can only quote you for the cost of shipping from our warehouse to Nairobi. This does not include the cost of customs duties and taxes In Kenya.

We have special discounts for US returning residents shipping less than a container load.

If you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In situations where pre-exportation verification of conformity requires lab testing, as is the case in cosmetics, supplements, and food products, the client is responsible for such testing.

Please note that cosmetics, food products, and medical-related products are regulated and cannot be shipped as household goods or consolidated as general goods.

Medical equipment and food supplements are regulated by the pharmacy and poisons board of Kenya. Such approval must be provided by the customer before the shipment can be allowed to clear in Kenya.

How Long Does Ocean Shipping From USA to Kenya Takes?2020-03-01T20:30:17+00:00

Our ocean freight delivery time is determined from the day the container leaves our warehouse in the USA to the time when it arrives in our Nairobi warehouse.

We promise 90 days from the day when the container leaves our warehouse In the USA to the time the container arrives in our warehouse in Nairobi Kenya.

It takes about 30 days for us to fill a container and 45 to 52 days of transit time to Nairobi. Pre exportation verification of conformity procedures takes about 2 weeks, and clearing in Nairobi takes about 1 to 2 weeks.

These are the reasons why we ask our customers to give us 90 days to deliver your ocean cargo from the USA to Kenya.

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