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Personal Shipping

We classify personal shipping, whether sea shipping or air shipping, into three categories to better meet or exceed your expectations. Each category has unique needs and documentation required.

Kenyan Residents:

Over 70% of our business comes from Kenyan resident living in Kenya, shopping in USA. A lot of times, the person making a purchase from Kenya is also the receiver, making it very easy for us to fulfill such orders. Most of our customers are looking for :

  • Shopping from Amazon
  • Shopping from eBay
  • Original cosmetics
  • Electronics
  • Personal goods, in general.

Kenyans in Diaspora (USA)

Another 15% of our business comes from Kenyans living in USA. Our diaspora clients send items from all states to their loved ones in Kenya we have seen all kinds of goods including:–

  • Household goods
  • Returning residents moving
  • Micro business items
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Small machinery

Visitors, Tourists and Missionaries

About 15% of our business comes from temporary visitors to Kenya, tourists and Missionaries. There is a very unique trend on this category that is really fascinating. We have served

  • Mission trips to Kenya from USA
  • Donors donating items to children homes and hospitals
  • Personal goods for tourists
  • Scientific equipment for researchers and scholars
  • Books and more

For all your personal shipping and shopping needs from USA, let KenTex cargo handle your hard work. We promise to exceed your expectations.

Sea Shipping prices & air shipping prices may differ depending on the commodity being shipped, origin and destination. While we have an online price guide for sea and air shipping cost, contact us to clarify.