Ship Anything From the USA to Kenya.

Delivery Within 7-10 Working Days (Air)

Starting at only $13.50/kg

...And never have to deal with customs & clearing headaches...

...And Pay No Sales Tax in the USA unlike other shippers

Get a FREE US Address (Shipping Account)

✅ Free Shipping account  ✅ Get assisted shopping   ✅Weekly air shipping  ✅ Monthly ocean shipping

kentex cargo Rates

assisted shopping
kentex cargo Tracking

Kentex Cargo Shipping Rates

✅ Shipping rates are determined by whichever is larger between actual weight (dead weight) and volumetric weight.

✅ To determine the chargeable weight, you weigh the item on the scale, then measure the dimensions in inches, get the volume, and then divide the volume by 306. 

✅ Whichever is larger between actual weight in Kilos and Volumetric weight is your chargeable weight.

Texas Warehouse rates:

Air Shipping Rates to Kenya

💰 For shipments under 15kg, we charge $14.50 all-inclusive

💰 For shipments Over 15kg, we charge $13.50/kg all-inclusive

💰 Your minimum charge is $14.50 per weekly shipment

Ocean Shipping Rates to Kenya:

💰 $25/cubic foot with a minimum charge of $299

💰 Custom prices are available for customers with over 200 cubic feet

Delaware Warehouse Rates

Air Shipping Rates to Kenya

💰 The minimum is 15kg at $14.50/kg all-inclusive.

💰 This is ideal for businesses and bulk shippers.

💰 You can remove the minimum weight requirement by upgrading to premium (log in for details)



What is Assisted Shopping?

Assisted shopping is where you send us links for products you want to buy in the USA and we do the shopping on your behalf.

This is ideal if:

✅ Your card in Kenya is getting declined by USA online stores like Amazon, etc

✅ Your supplier requires a US registered card and talk to a person in the USA

✅ You're afraid of online fraud and you'd rather we deal with that risk

✅ You're busy keeping track of all packages - you'd rather we deal with that headache

A 5% minimum processing fee applies for all assisted shopping orders

  • Please copy-paste each link for the items you want to ship here.
  • Do you need more than the above or do you need to add more detailed specs? Please enter here
  • Accepted file types: docx, pdf, xlsx, Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • Receiver Information

  • Here, we need your full details as the receiver. This information MUST BE 100% accurate to avoid losing your package
  • We will send a quotation to the email that you are going to provide us with.
  • We may need to reach you regarding your order. Please do not add "0" after country code
    We do ocean freight for large items - heavy and bulky. Take advantage of this to ship mattresses, furniture, etc from the USA.

Kentex Cargo Tracking.

We have a real-time tracking system that gives you full visibility of where your goods are. 

Here is how this works:

✅ You have purchased goods and sent them to one of our US warehouses

✅ Your supplier has given you a tracking number - log in to your account and add it.

✅ Once logged in, you'll see a button asking you to add package tracking/notification

✅ Once you add the tracking number you received from the seller, the rest is on us.

✅ On arrival we scan it and you automatically get a notification via email + text message

✅ Once shipped, you'll receive another notification with the expected date of arrival (ETA).

✅ This system monitors your goods in case of carrier misdelivery - make sure you add your tracking.

Track a Package

Dear Customer,

You've spotted that hot deal on Amazon and you want to jump on it but you realize that not just Amazon, but most USA stores do not ship to Kenya.

Or, you saw some very expensive shipping options on Amazon and you'd like to save money - like anyone else.

OR, you try using your debit card in Kenya but most US stores won't accept a foreign credit card.

Now What?

Or you are in business or want to start one and you have spotted a supplier in the US but the logistics part seems expensive and daunting.

You search around for shipping solutions from the USA to Kenya and while there are a few options, you realize no one comes close to Kentex Cargo's advantage.

You Look at...

  • Shipping cost - Overall

  • Shipping speed - Air cargo

  • Shipping speed - Ocean cargo

  • Assisted shopping - overall

  • Tax-Free shopping option (This is a must)

Then, you realize only Kentex Cargo has all these benefits for you...

Why Kentex Cargo?

We understand you have shipping options from the USA to Kenya but we make sure we are all about you - the customer.

✅ Free package consolidation - buy from any store in the US like Amazon, eBay, etc and we'll consolidate for you into a single convenient shipment.

✅ Accurate tracking - Get real-time tracking for all your air and ocean shipments from the USA to your doorsteps.

✅ Assisted shopping - Is your card getting declined or some stores won't accept foreign cards or need you to call? We have assisted shopping (shop & ship) options for you.

✅ Ocean shipping - Are you needing to ship large, heavy, and bulky items from the USA to Kenya? We have an ocean freight option heavily discounted to help you grow your business.

✅ Tax-free shopping address - This is a must-have! - We have a warehouse in Delaware where you pay no sales tax (similar to VAT in Kenya). We call this, Kentex Cargo Premium.

Watch This 👇

You Get FREE Packages Consolidation.

✅ You shop from different vendors and suppliers within the same week

✅ Your packages arrive from different vendors on different dates

✅ We notify you when each package is received in our warehouse

✅ Our team would then put your shopping in a single convenient package

✅ This can reduce chargeable weight significantly

✅ You save a lot of money - we do this for you, for free

kentex cargo packages consolidation

You Get Free Packages Repackaging 

✅ Some vendors like Amazon can ship a small item in a box 10 times its size

✅ If we shipped that package to you and charged you volumetric weight, it would be very expensive

✅ Our team makes sure your packages are repackaged as necessary for FREE

✅ We cut your shipping cost significantly at no added cost

✅ Repackaging together with consolidation can save you up to 80% in shipping cost

Kentex cargo package repacking

Over 1300+ Raving Fans! The Fans Are Talking...

Kentex Cargo
Based on 1665 reviews
Julius Bwibo
Julius Bwibo
This is the 1st time I have used the services and I have been very impressed and delited. I would recommend any one to their service.
Mark Aminga
Mark Aminga
I recently used Kentexcargo to ship some items from the US, and I am beyond impressed with their service! From start to finish, the process was seamless and efficient. The team at Kentexcargo was incredibly responsive and kept me informed every step of the way.What stood out the most was the speed of delivery. My items arrived in record time, much faster than I anticipated. Everything was well-packaged and in perfect condition upon arrival.I highly recommend Kentexcargo for anyone looking for reliable and fast shipping services. Their professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction are truly top-notch. I will definitely be using their services again in the future!
Brian Opiyo
Brian Opiyo
The service has really improved. Shipped all in a week. Amazing. Everyone should move to Kentex
Anne Njoki
Anne Njoki
For all your shipping needs from the USA to Kenya, this is your trusted partner. I have used them since 2015 and their service has gotten better esp with the Delaware warehouse. Thank you Kentex team.
online surveyer
online surveyer
Fast and affordable..Am happy for the service they offered. They Were timely and quick and I got all everything I bought in good condition
Georgina Mungai
Georgina Mungai
Great service, staff are super friendly and accommodating and I got all my goods in perfect condition.

They All Can't Be Wrong...
Create a Free Shipping Account 

Sender's Names(Required)
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USA to Kenya Shipping Options

Kentex cargo Air shipping

Weekly Air Shipping to Kenya

✅ Under 15kg shipment = you pay $14.50/kg all-inclusive

✅ Over 15kg shipment = you pay $13.50/kg all inclusive

✅ Weekly cutoff is every Monday 5 pm

✅ Ships out every week on Wednesday - like clockwork

✅ Takes 7-10 working days to deliver

✅ Real-time tracking with notifications

sea shipping from USA to Kenya

Monthly Sea Shipping to Kenya

$25/cubic foot with $299 minimum charge all-inclusive

✅ Ships out every last Friday of each month

✅ Cut-off date is every third Friday of each month

✅ Takes 60-75 days to deliver after departure 

✅ Assisted shopping available - start shipping now

✅ No heavy equipment or used/assembled furniture

How Shopping in The US Works

Watch This Video 👇👇

Assisted Shopping (Shop & Ship)

✅ Your card is getting declined by USA stores?

✅ Your seller/supplier needs you to call to verify your order.

✅ You'd rather we deal with online fraud on your behalf

✅ Your order requires custom specifications

👍 We have assisted shopping (Shop & Ship) option for you

You Shop, We Ship (Shipping Only)

✅ Your card is getting declined by USA stores?

✅ Your seller/supplier needs you to call to verify your order.

✅ You'd rather we deal with online fraud on your behalf

✅ Your order requires custom specifications

👍 We have assisted shopping (Shop & Ship) option for you

Sender's Names(Required)
Kindly enter the names of the sender
Sender's email address
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Shop & Ship (Assisted Shopping)

👉 A good number of our customers in Kenya are unable to place orders online in the USA.

👉 This is primarily because some online stores in the USA will not accept a Kenyan debit or credit card, but they will accept ours here in the US.

👉 We can shop on your behalf from any USA store or major supplier, repackage and consolidate if necessary and deliver to you in Kenya in a single convenient package.

👉 BUT if you want to shop from Amazon.com and you have an Equity Bank debit card or other banks Visa or Master card, Amazon will accept them.

👉 All you need is to sign up to get our USA address + Warehouse Code.

👉 If you are unable to order yourself, if you'd rather we deal with the risks involved in the process, We are here to help. This option is for you.

Create a Free Account

Shipping Only

✅ You may be able to place your own orders online without needing our help.

✅ Online stores like Amazon accepts equity bank debit card & most Visa & Master Cards from Major banks. 

✅ If you try and are unable to place an order, Kindly choose assisted purchase.

✅ If you are able to place your own orders or if you live in the united states, this option is for you.

Let's get you started.

Create a Free Account

Why Shop From the USA

✅ Shop straight from American manufacturers and brands. Nike comes from Nike.comHP comes from HP.comnot from river road!

​✅ Save a lot of money by cutting out brokers and middlemen. A Laptop bought from the manufacturer can save you up to KSH 70,000. Yup!

​✅ Get access to America's top brands and marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Target, eBay, and many more

✅ Never settle for FAKES anymore. Get what you need straight from the manufacturer.

✅ Delivery to your doorsteps in 14 business days or less. We work like horses for you!

✅ Start or grow a thriving business & your customers would love you for carrying Authentic Products


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