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Shipping a 65-inch TV to Kenya via sea:

  • Product: Samsung 65-inch TV in its original packaging
  • Example dimensions (shipping box): Approximately 65 inches wide, 40 inches tall, and 9 inches deep (165 cm x 102 cm x 23 cm). Please note that these are example dimensions, and the actual dimensions may vary depending on the specific TV model and packaging.
  • Shipping method: Sea freight
  • Cost calculation:
    • Calculate volume in cubic feet: (65 x 40 x 9) / 1,728 = 16.88 cubic feet (rounded)
    • Shipping cost: 16.88 cubic feet * $30 per cubic foot = $506.40
  • Handling and safety:
    • Use the original manufacturer's packaging for optimal safety and breakage prevention
    • If the original packaging is unavailable, use a sturdy, custom-built crate or box with sufficient cushioning materials
    • Seal the box securely and clearly label it as "Fragile" to ensure careful handling
  • Delivery time:
    • Ocean cargo shipping to Kenya typically takes around 60 days
    • Factors like customs clearance and shipping routes may affect delivery time
  • Note on shipping used TVs:
    • We strongly discourage customers from shipping used TVs, as they cannot match the safety and breakage prevention provided by the manufacturer's original packaging. The risk of damage during transit is significantly higher without proper packaging.

By following the guidelines above and ensuring that your 65-inch Samsung TV is shipped using the manufacturer's original packaging, you can minimize the risk of damage and ensure safe arrival in Kenya.

The estimated shipping cost for this example is $506.40, but it may vary depending on the specific dimensions and weight of the TV model.

To make it standard, you pay $499 all inclusive



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