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Transporting a 75-inch TV to Kenya via ocean freight:

  • Item: Samsung 75-inch TV in original manufacturer's packaging
  • Approximate dimensions (shipping box): 70 inches wide, 44 inches tall, and 10 inches deep (178 cm x 112 cm x 25 cm). Please be aware that these dimensions are for illustrative purposes and might differ based on the specific TV model and packaging.
  • Shipping method: Sea freight
  • Cost estimation:
    • Calculate volume in cubic feet: (70 x 44 x 10) / 1,728 = 28.12 cubic feet (rounded)
    • Shipping cost: 28.12 cubic feet * $30 per cubic foot = $843.60
  • Safe handling and packaging:
    • Utilize the original manufacturer's packaging for the best protection against damage
    • If the original packaging is not available, use a robust, custom-made crate or box with ample cushioning materials
    • Secure the box firmly and label it as "Fragile" for careful handling during transportation
  • Delivery duration:
    • Shipping via ocean cargo to Kenya generally takes around 60 days
    • Delivery time may be influenced by factors such as customs clearance and shipping routes
  • Caution on shipping pre-owned TVs:
    • We advise against shipping used TVs, as their packaging is unlikely to offer the same level of protection as the original manufacturer's packaging. This increases the likelihood of damage during transportation.

By adhering to the above guidelines and ensuring your 75-inch Samsung TV is transported in its original packaging, you can reduce the risk of damage and guarantee its safe arrival in Kenya.

Keep in mind that the shipping cost provided ($843.60) is an estimate and might vary based on the actual dimensions and weight of your specific TV model.



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