Ocean Shipping From USA to Kenya2020-03-02T22:28:40+00:00

Ocean freight shipping or sea cargo is for heavy and bulky items that would otherwise be too expensive for air cargo. Air cargo is only less than 1% of all import/export business in Kenya and less than 0.5% of all shipments from USA to Kenya.

We have tailormade our ocean shipping to fit your personalized needs that are as unique as you are. Costing also depends on which category you are in.

Please Read Carefully.

Ocean freight rules have changed and we all must comply, else, you risk loosing your goods if found not in compliance with the new KEBS/KRA rules for importation. The old days where you could put whatever you wanted in a container and ship to Kenya are behind us. All goods must comply and be inspected before shipping to Kenya.

Read carefully!

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Special Regulated Categories

Medical Equipment shipping to Kenya
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How Long Does Ocean Shipping From USA to Kenya Takes?2020-03-01T20:30:17+00:00

Our ocean freight delivery time is determined from the day the container leaves our warehouse in the USA to the time when it arrives in our Nairobi warehouse.

We promise 90 days from the day when the container leaves our warehouse In the USA to the time the container arrives in our warehouse in Nairobi Kenya.

It takes about 30 days for us to fill a container and 45 to 52 days of transit time to Nairobi. Pre exportation verification of conformity procedures takes about 2 weeks, and clearing in Nairobi takes about 1 to 2 weeks.

These are the reasons why we ask our customers to give us 90 days to deliver your ocean cargo from the USA to Kenya.

What’s The Cost Consolidated Sea Freight2020-02-29T01:52:31+00:00

Sea shipping cost is $30 per cubic foot for consolidated goods. These are household goods either new or used.

Commercial goods less than container load will be quoted in per case basis.

If you want to ship a full container full of commercial merchandise, we can only quote you for the cost of shipping from our warehouse to Nairobi. This does not include the cost of customs duties and taxes In Kenya.

We have special discounts for US returning residents shipping less than a container load.

If you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In situations where pre-exportation verification of conformity requires lab testing, as is the case in cosmetics, supplements, and food products, the client is responsible for such testing.

Please note that cosmetics, food products, and medical-related products are regulated and cannot be shipped as household goods or consolidated as general goods.

Medical equipment and food supplements are regulated by the pharmacy and poisons board of Kenya. Such approval must be provided by the customer before the shipment can be allowed to clear in Kenya.

When Do I Pay For Ocean Freight2020-02-24T20:31:42+00:00

Unlike air shipping where we allow customers to pay for their shipment on arrival, ocean freight must be prepaid before picking up or before shipping from our warehouse.

For our clients in the diaspora, we can only schedule for pick up or accept the shipment in our warehouse if it is 100% paid for.

This is to avoid a common problem with abandonment or pickup delays, especially with used clothes and shoes.

Can I ship Undeclared Items to Kenya?2020-02-24T20:20:10+00:00

All items being shipped outside the United States must be accurately declared in terms of quantities quality and cost.

It is illegal to add declare commodities being shipped outside the United States or being imported to Kenya.

We do not accept misrepresented shipment or a shipment that we feel has been added declared over not declared accurately.

Does Weight Matter in Ocean Freight2020-02-24T20:16:09+00:00

Weight does not matter when it comes to ocean freight. However, if you want Kentex cargo to pick up your boxes and barrels (Dallas area) the weight cannot exceed 50 kilos for boxes and 75 kilos for barrels.


Please note that we charge $30 per cubic foot for consolidated household goods. This does not include cosmetics, foods supplements, and medical products that are controlled by special government bodies in Kenya.

Can I Ship Engines & Motorcycles?2020-02-24T20:02:07+00:00

You should be able to ship used car engines, but it must be within the described age by the Kenyan government. Such commodities must be quoted before being received in our warehouse.

Please note that the United States does not have a motor vehicle inspection body for pre exportation verification of conformity (PVoC).

That means that your engine will be inspected on arrival by Kenya Bureau of standards and issue a local certificate of conformity at a fee of 15% of CIF.

The same rule applies to motorbikes, off-road vehicles like ATVs. Please contact us before but using a motor vehicle engine, motor vehicle parts, a boat, a motorcycle, golf carts, or off-road vehicles. Please note we are not handling construction equipment until further equipment.