Container shipping, ocean freight shipping or sea cargo (all means the same) is for heavy and bulky items that would otherwise be too expensive for air cargo. Air cargo is only less than 1% of all import/export business in Kenya and less than 0.5% of all shipments from USA to Kenya.

We have tailormade our ocean shipping to fit your personalized needs that are as unique as you are. Costing also depends on which category you are in.

Please Read Carefully.

Ocean freight rules have changed and we all must comply, else, you risk loosing your goods if found not in compliance with the new KEBS/KRA rules for importation. The old days where you could put whatever you wanted in a container and ship to Kenya are behind us. All goods must comply and be inspected before shipping to Kenya.

Read carefully!

Living in the USA, Shipping to Kenya

USA Returning Residents shipping to Kenya
Ship boxes by Sea to Kenya From USA

Living in Kenya, Importing From USA

Full Container Load from USA to Kenya
LCL Sea shipping from USA to Kenya
Motorbike Shipping to Kenya
Construction equipment shipping to Kenya

Special Regulated Categories

Medical Equipment shipping to Kenya
cosmetics & supplement shipping to Kenya