Shop & Ship From Amazon USA to Kenya

How to Shop on Amazon in Kenya & Get it Shipped to You.

Everything you need to know about shopping & shipping from Amazon USA to Kenya. A definitive guide on why you should shop on Amazon.

The other day I was having a meeting with a friend at a local joint in Westlands, not too far from Kentex Cargo offices. It was a late Friday afternoon.

There were 4 guys at a table behind us catching some drinks and having a good time. One guy had quite an amazing jacket others could not ignore to notice. I heard one person ask... where did you get such a nice jacket?

The guy responded... I got this from Amazon, with Kentex Cargo. I smiled and continued with my meeting, and stopped being nosey 😁

Being there for you when you need to shop & ship from Amazon USA to Kenya is something we take have done well for the last 8 years.

What Are My Options Shipping From Amazon, USA?

Amazon has become a global leader in the retail business - this is a widely known fact. However, Amazon is yet to penetrate most countries, especially third-world countries like Kenya.

You have two options when shopping & shipping from Amazon to Kenya.

Assisted Purchase option:

With assisted purchase option, we do the shopping on your behalf. This option is especially helpful when you do not have a credit or debit card linked to your Amazon account.

Assisted purchase option benefits:

  1. We do all the purchasing, follow-up, and delivery of your packages. You just relax and wait for it
  2. You're protected from online fraud. You can never lose your money in case the seller fails to deliver.
  3. Your packages are 100% insured and you cannot lose your money.
  4. We deliver exactly what you ordered. We inspect your packages on arrival to verify the quality, quantities, and specifications are exactly what you asked for.
  5. We track packages on your behalf and send you real-time notifications.

Assisted Purchase Process. Please Watch This Video:



Shipping Only Option:

If you are able to do your own purchases on Amazon or any other USA store without needing our assistance, you can use the shipping-only option.

All that you require is our shipping address as shown below.

Shipping Only  Option Benefits:

  1. Shop from any USA store at your own convenience. You can shop & ship whenever you want as long as you have our USA warehouse address.
  2. It is faster - if you can shop every time you need something without having to involve our staff, it cuts down processing time.



Kentex Cargo USA Address Format

Does Amazon ship to Kenya?

Amazon does not have a physical presence in Kenya but you can now shop and ship anything you want from Amazon or any store in the USA and get it delivered to your door in Kenya.

We offer two services in both air shipping and sea shipping:

  1. Assisted purchase (We shop for you and ship your packages to your door)
  2. Shipping only (you do your shopping and send it to our warehouse, we do the shipping part)

Thousands of Kenyans shop online from major online stores like Amazon.com, use KenTex Cargo address when checking out and we'd deliver your merchandise to your doors.

Back in 2019, Amazon & equity bank signed a deal that allowed equity bank cards acceptable on the Amazon.com website.

This is good news considering that over 70% of Kenyans use equity bank. We deliver in as little as 2 weeks for air freight and 10 weeks for bulky/heavy sea shipping cargo.

You can use the following address when checking out from Amazon or any store in the USA.

Why should I shop on Amazon USA than anywhere else?

Unlike marketplaces like eBay, Amazon has an obsession with product quality & authenticity, delivery speed, and exceptional customer service.

Merchants selling on Amazon.com are vetted, product authenticity and manufacturing standards verified and vendor customer service and delivery speed are strictly enforced.

With Amazon Prime, vendors are required to send their merchandise to Amazon local warehouses where Amazon logistics take care of super-fast delivery.

Amazon distributes vendor's goods to the closest warehouse where they can be delivered to the buyer, sometimes within a few hours.

  • Amazon products are vetted for quality, authenticity, and good manufacturing practices.
  • It is difficult to buy fake items on amazon. They work directly with original brands & manufacturers.
  • Amazon has an amazing delivery speed & superb customer service ready to resolve your issues.

How is the Shipping Cost Calculated?

Chargeable weight is determined by whichever is larger between actual weight and volumetric weight at $15/kg. This is a standard practice worldwide in all air cargo.

An Example of  Volumetric Charge:

In the scenario below the chargeable weight for this box is 9.9kg although the actual weight is 5kg. The total cost of shipping this box would be 9.9kg x $15 = $148.50

Shipping chargeable weight calculation

An Example of Actual Weight Charge:

In situations where the actual weight is larger than the volumetric weight (commonest), your packages will be charged based on the actual weight.

Assuming the box above the actual weight is 12kg, the actual weight is higher than the volume weight. In this case, your total shipping cost would be 12kg x $15 = $180

Shipping chargeable weight calculations

The commonest products shipped from Amazon to Kenya

  • Gaming cards and gaming equipment. This is a hot item
  • Smart unlocked phones. Second hottest item. Nokia Lumia, Sony Xperia & iPhone
  • Switches, routers, and modems. Cisco almost exclusively
  • Laptops, especially Apple, Asus, HP & Dell
  • Books, especially for higher education. We ship a lot of books from Amazon
  • Cosmetics of all kinds
  • Shoes especially sports shoes

Does Amazon Prime work in Kenya?

Yes, it does.

If you are a regular Amazon shopper, you should consider subscribing to Amazon Prime membership. It will cost you $12.99/month and Amazon business prime will cost you $69/year.

If you do not shop several times a month on Amazon, you might think twice about those monthly payments.

Amazon Prime Membership cost


How Long Does it Take to Deliver Amazon Shopping to Kenya?

It takes 7-10 business days to deliver your shipment. This is from the date we receive your packages in our US warehouse to their arrival in Nairobi.

Please note that non-Amazon Prime items purchased on Amazon always take longer to be delivered. It can take even up to a month to be delivered.

Avoid such items, even though they seem cheaper.

Amazon Prime Delivery Speed


Does Amazon Ship & deliver Goods to Kenya?

Amazon does not ship to Kenya but third-party carriers do. For example, Amazon can ship to Kenya using third-party services like DHL or UPS.

They are much more expensive compared to Kentex Cargo shipping and their rates do not include customs clearance. You will need to pay extra for customs clearance at the port of entry.

You shouldn't use their DHL/UPS method unless you are willing to pay up to 90% more than how much Kentex Cargo charges per kilo.

Mainstream carriers like DHL have their own cargo aircraft and they can deliver within 5 business days. We can deliver within 7 business days at a 90% cheaper cost compared to DHL, UPS, and FedEx and our charges are inclusive of customs.

It is easy to shop & import products from Amazon USA to Kenya. Here are the simple steps to follow.
  • Create a free Kentex Cargo shipping account & get a free USA address.
  • Go on Amazon and add all the items you need in the cart and proceed to checkout
  • Use Kentex cargo warehouse address as your shipping address and complete your order on Amazon
  • Amazon will send you the tracking number in about 24-48 hours.
  • Log back into your Kentex Cargo account and add your tracking number.
  • We'll receive your package and ship it to you in Kenya in 7-10 business days.
Amazon does not accept M-PESA but with Kentex Cargo assisted shopping program (shop & ship), you can pay for all your shopping & shipping charges from Amazon to Kenya with M-PESA.
Here are the steps to purchase on Amazon using M-PESA:
  • Go to our assisted purchase (shop & ship) page and submit your order request
  • We'll send you a quotation both in USD and KES options
  • The quotation also has PAYBIL number 929999
  • Go to MPESA PAYBILL option and enter 929999
  • For the account, enter your invoice or estimate number
  • Complete payments
  • You'll receive order purchase confirmation within 12 hours

What is the Cheapest way to ship from the USA to Kenya?

  1. Kentex Cargo. 7-10 business days. From $15
  2. EMS Parcel Post. 14-21 business days. from $32.
  3. Pitney Bowes Standard. 10-18 business days. from $50.
  4. Worldwide Expedited Drop Off. 2-5 business days. from $71.
  5. Global Express Drop Off. 6-7 business days. from $78.
  6. Global Express Pickup. 6-7 business days. from $83.
Yes, Amazon Prime works in Kenya so long as your account has an active credit card. Once you have subscribed to Amazon Prime, make sure to add your Kentex Cargo warehouse address as your default shipping address.
Enjoy shopping on Amazon and buy products marked as Amazon Prime, we will receive them within 1-2 days and ship them to Kenya within 7-10 business days.
It takes 7-10 business days to ship to Kenya by air. Our weekly cutoff is every Monday. Your shipment leaves on Wednesday and from that day, you should receive it within 7-10 business days.
Does Kenya have Amazon?
There is no Amazon shopping in Kenya. What most people seem to be confused with whenever they hear Amazon being mentioned in Kenya is their technology branch called Amazon Web Services.
For, example, Amazon CloudFront launched in Kenya among other countries, allowing easier and faster access to AWS-hosted data in these regions. This does not mean that Amazon stores are in Kenya.
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January 12, 2022

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    1. What are your rates? Am interested in purchasing used books from Amazon but shipping cost can be so prohibitive!

  1. First line reads "Shopping and shipping from Amazon to Kenya is not possible through KenTex Cargo"
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        Should have to pay the price for the items without the price inside USA?

  2. Hi admin.....You sound very convincing..but lots of people do what you do and end up being thieves..Help me believe this is legit and i will be your weekly shipping client

    1. It's been 2 years and we have never lost an item. Your concerns are real but I can guarantee you'll never lose any item with us and we isure your cargo.

  3. Am interested in your services,,i would like to know if you can deliver my purchases to any other town apart from Nairobi if yes are there extra charges?//regards

    1. So I buy a Kg of a lump of coal for $45 on Amazon. You charge me $15 to deliver to my door. Cost so far is $60. Are there any other charges on top of $60 for me to get my lump of coal at my door?

    1. We can do it all. We do not have minimum weight, just a minimum charge of only $20 for items less than 1Kg

  4. I tried to use the address you posted but it refused n suggested this...should I continue with this???? KENTEX CARGO , GENERAL DELIVERY , MATAGORDA , TEXAS, 77457-9999 , United States

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  6. Hi, just saw this and I Need to point out....lack of client feed back +'ve or -'ve
    is quite troubling to me ...and some of the said categories font live up to their titles..( Shipping costs) methinks that you ought to come up with say a spreadsheet for that category detailing the shipping costs with regards to means and items...and such kind of infor for ease of access rather than having to get a quotation from you .....

    a probable future client

  7. Authenticity of shippers need to be fully known now that online business is based on trust and nothing binding at all.You have office in Msa?

    probable shipper.

      1. i have seen you give different address for you offices in this link for amazon clients you say at westlands but for ebay link you say corner house. please help me understand are these different companies with the same name?

        Kind Regards,

        probable soon to be client

        1. Thank you for noticing that. We recently moved from corner house to Westlands at the Junction of Chiromo Lane & Westland Road - Behind Villa Rosa, Opposite Java House inside Leomar Court

  8. hi
    how do you handle wishes lists shipping? do i pay for the shipping or do the person buying the gift pay for it?

  9. hey,I wanted to buy a htc phone I saw on amazon but I just know the price it costs on amazon in dollars,which is 16 dollars.
    could you please do the math of your costs and what not and tell me how much I'll just need in total to get the item in my possesion in Kenya.
    please reply to my email address as quick as possible

    1. Once in Nairobi, arrival to Uganda would be at your own risk since we do not do border clearance for Uganda. However, local couriers can solve this for you like G4S and Fargo courier at an additional cost

  10. Hi i want to buy an item worth $79.00 & it weighs 21.16oz how much will be the total cost,the item cost +shipping cost

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  12. i am currently in the states. Can i order something for my brother to be delivered to kenya? I can pay for everything from here. What is the procedure? Will he get it in kenya at his door? Or would he have to go through customs?

  13. Admin I have a friend who wants to send me goods via Amazon to Kenya. She's in USA. She will cater for the cost. She only needs my address. How can I get one. Thank you.

  14. Comment...my friend ordered some goods from the US and they were to arrive on Monday unfortunately she had an emergency and I did not get the confirmation email from her..so I don't know when and at what time the goods will be delivered to me

  15. Hello admin,
    How much would it cost me to ship a Behringer U-PHORIA UMC404HD USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface -INCLUDES- Blucoil Audio 10’ Balanced XLR Cable AND 5 Pack of Cable Ties
    Size: UMC404HD
    KES 16,714. 97
    And it's weight is about 3.92 pounds?

    1. Kindly send us a link for that audio system for an official quote. It should be no more than $100 based on the raw information provided

  16. Hi admin, is the 15$/kg inclusive of the total cost of shipment or are there any other
    extra service costs i.e handling cost, customs & all

  17. Hi I'd like to ship Amazon Kindle Oasis and an Elecric Kettle

    How Much would it cost me?and after how long will i get the items

  18. hello, I live in London and would like to buy a phone on Amazon, have it delivered to a friend in in Nairobi. How best can I do this please?
    Thank you

    1. Hello Mary, simply order it on amazon.com and not amazon.co.uk and use our warehouse address below as your shipping address. Make sure you have addressed it as instructed. We will receive it and deliver it to you. Once you have purchased, kindly email us your tracking number and your phone number. We will send you an invoice

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  20. Hello,
    I am looking forward to be dealing with you like every now and then. Please clarify for me if it's possible to shop with my amazon account (as balance cannot be transferred to another account), while using your address, and you just be picking the items for deliveries at the doorstep in kenya??

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  24. If I were to order a package of speakers (about 23kg), would the USD15 per kg be for shipping only or would it also include the local duties levied by customs? Once I pay the USD15 per kg, do I just collect my package from you guys or I will need to clear it myself with customs?

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