Commercial goods less than a container load will be quoted on per case basis.

If you want to ship a full container full of commercial merchandise, we can only quote you for the cost of shipping from our warehouse to Nairobi. This does not include the cost of customs duties and taxes In Kenya.

We have special discounts for US returning residents shipping less than a container load.

If you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In situations where pre-exportation verification of conformity requires lab testing, as is the case in cosmetics, supplements, and food products, the client is responsible for such testing.

Please note that cosmetics, food products, and medical-related products are regulated and cannot be shipped as household goods or consolidated as general goods.

Medical equipment and food supplements are regulated by the Pharmacy and poisons board of Kenya. Such approval must be provided by the customer before the shipment can be allowed to clear in Kenya.