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Gabe lives in Nairobi, Kenya and his sister Rachael lives in New York, USA

Their story is likely to be like yours. Watch their story, their journey and eventually their solution 👇

A Guaranteed & Insured Way to Ship to Kenya From USA

With Kentex Cargo, you can shop & ship anything you want from any US store and get it delivered to Kenya by air cargo or ocean cargo.

Air Shipping From USA to Kenya

  • The Shipping Cost is $15/kg (The larger between volumetric weight vs actual weight)

  • The weekly cutoff is every week on Tuesday 5 PM Texas time.

  • Shipments leave Dallas-Fortworth airport every week on Thursday

  • Takes 7-14 business days (closed on weekends and holidays)


Ocean Shipping From USA to Kenya:

  • The shipping cost is $30/cubic foot.

  • The monthly cutoff is every third Friday of the Month

  • Containers load every last Friday of the month

  • Takes 75-90 days after departure to deliver

Your packages delivery is INSURED & GUARANTEED

Air Shipping Options From USA to Kenya

Do You Live in Kenya?

Air Shipping USA to Kenya
We help our customers in Kenya access American brands and marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, etc. without leaving their own homes. 
You either shop online with your debit card (Amazon accepts most Kenya bank cards) or we can shop on your behalf and ship to your doorsteps in Kenya.
Real-time tracking & notifications from the beginning to the end of a transparent process & pain-free experience.
Air Options for Kenya Residents

Do You Live in The USA?

USA to Kenya air shipping

We help our customers in the USA ship goods & presents to their loved ones in Kenya. 

You simply shop online and checkout using our warehouse address and your receiver's name + warehouse CODE. 
We receive your goods, we notify both you and your receiver and track them all the way to the receiver.
It is fast, easy, affordable, transparent insured & guaranteed process. 
Air Options For USA Residents

Ocean Shipping Options From USA to Kenya

For Kenya Residents

Ocean Shipping from USA to Kenya
Our sea cargo option from the USA to Kenya is tailored for bulk and heavy packages for personal use or business needs. 
We have seen customers shipping personal-use household goods, flooring & roofing materials, and even small business merchandise. 
We have both assisted purchase programs (we buy on your behalf) and shipping-only options where you buy your goods and we ship and clear them for you. 
Takes 75-90 days to deliver, the minimum charge is only $300 or $1080/CBM.
Get a Custom Quote

For USA Residents 

Ocean Shipping from USA to Kenya

We help our customers in the USA ship heavy and bulky personal effects to their loved ones in Kenya from the USA to Kenya. 

Our container closes every Third Friday of the month and ships out every Last Friday of the month.
It takes 75-90 days to deliver your goods to our Nairobi warehouse from the loading Friday.
We have free pickup within Dallas-Fortworth metroplex, Texas every weekend with an approved pickup appointment.
We have boxes and barrel prices for personal effects. 
Box & Barrel Ocean Pricing

Assisted Shopping

At times, some stores in the USA will not accept credit cards & debit cards not registered in the US.

In other situations, you are not sure if the website you want to purchase from is legitimate and you would rather we deal with that process.

This option is for you.

Extra Benefits

Free Inspection

  • We inspect your packages for accuracy and damages and notify you of any abnormalities on arrival at our USA warehouse for free.


  • If you have multiple packages, we consolidate them for you in one convenient package saving you a lot in shipping costs. 
Tracking packages from USA to Kenya

Tracking & Notifications

  • You never have to ask anyone about the status of your packages. We provide you with real-time tracking on our website and free email and text message notifications. 
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