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Ship Anything You Want From USA to Kenya By Air or Ocean.
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Air & Ocean Shipping

If you live in Kenya, you have bought something fake, got conned or those in the diaspora, have lost a package being shipped to Kenya.
Over the past 5 years, every week we deliver THOUSANDS of packages to Thousands customers in Kenya.

Some are shopping online from websites like Amazon, eBay, etc and others are receiving good from loved one living in the USA. 

Whether you need air or ocean shipping, we will deliver your packages to Kenya, insured and GUARANTEED delivery.

 Air Shipping From USA to Kenya
This is our most popular product used by thousands of happy customers in Kenya & the USA every week. 

Thousands of customers in Kenya can now access USA top market places like Amazon, eBay, etc and all original USA brands. 

Air shipping from USA to Kenya
Sea Shipping From USA to Kenya
Need to ship heavy merchandise from the USA to Kenya via ocean? This option is for you.

We can help you in outsourcing, Pre-exportation Verification of Conformity (PVoC) & logistics from the USA to Kenya.

Sea shipping from USA to Kenya
 Shipping Only
  • You can order your own goods in the USA, with your card or PayPal, all you only need is a shipping service
  • ​You live in the USA, you need to ship an item to someone in Kenya
  • ​This service is for you. Get our warehouse address & the process. 
 Shop & Ship Online
  • You want to shop & ship USA products online but you need us to do the shopping & shipping for you.
  • ​You just need assistance to shop and ship.
  • This service is for you. Let us help you purchase & ship to your doorsteps
 I Have Questions
  • You need more personalized service like commercial outsourcing
  • ​You are not sure which service fits your needs at the moment
  • Get in touch with us or request an immediate callback
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