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Gabe lives in Nairobi, Kenya and his sister Rachael lives in New York, USA. Their story is likely to be like yours. Watch their story, their journey and eventually their solution 👇

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A Guaranteed & Insured Way to Ship to Kenya From USA

With Kentex Cargo, you can shop & ship anything you want from any US store and get it delivered to Kenya by air cargo or ocean cargo.

Weekly Air Shipping From the USA to Kenya

🛫 The Shipping Cost is $15/kg (The larger between volumetric weight vs actual weight)

🛫 The weekly cutoff is every week on Monday at 5 PM Texas time.

🛫 Shipments leave DFW airport every week on Thursday

🛫 Takes 7-10 business days (closed on weekends and holidays)

🛫 Free pick up at 67 Muthithi Road or Fargo Courier delivery to you


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Ocean Shipping From USA to Kenya:

🚢 The shipping cost is $30/cubic foot or $1080/CBM

🚢 The monthly cutoff is every third Friday of the Month

🚢 Pick up in Dallas-Fort Worth & Houston every other Saturday

🚢Containers load every last Friday of the month

🚢 Takes 60-75 days after departure to deliver

🚢 Assisted shopping & volume discounts available


Ocean Shipping Details

Air Shipping Options From USA to Kenya

Do You Live in Kenya?

✅ We assist our customers in Kenya in accessing American brands and marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon, and more, without leaving the comfort of their homes.

✅ Customers can either shop online using their debit cards (as most Kenyan bank cards are accepted by Amazon) or let us handle their shopping and ship the items directly to their doorsteps in Kenya.

✅ Enjoy real-time tracking and notifications throughout the entire process, ensuring a transparent and hassle-free experience.

Air Options for Kenya Residents

Do You Live in The USA?

We assist our customers in the USA with shipping goods and presents to their loved ones in Kenya.

Simply shop online and use our warehouse address at checkout, along with your recipient's name and warehouse CODE.

Upon receiving your items, we will notify both you and your recipient and track the shipment all the way to its destination.

Our process is fast, easy, affordable, transparent, insured, and guaranteed.

Air Options For USA Residents

Ocean Shipping Options From USA to Kenya

For Kenya Residents

Ocean Shipping from USA to Kenya

Our sea cargo service from the USA to Kenya is designed for bulk and heavy packages, catering to personal and business requirements.

Customers have used our services to ship personal-use household items, flooring and roofing materials, as well as small business merchandise.

We offer both assisted purchase programs (where we buy on your behalf) and shipping-only options, in which you purchase your goods, and we handle shipping and customs clearance for you.

Delivery takes between 75 to 90 days, with a minimum charge of only $300 or $1080/CBM.

Get a Custom Quote

For USA Residents 

Ocean Shipping from USA to Kenya

We assist our customers in the USA with shipping heavy and bulky personal items to their loved ones in Kenya.

Our container is scheduled to close every third Friday of the month and ships out on the last Friday of the month.

From the loading Friday, it takes 60-75 days for your goods to be delivered to our Nairobi warehouse.

We offer pickup within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas, every other weekend, provided you have an approved pickup appointment.

For personal effects, we have pricing options for both boxes and barrels.

Box & Barrel Ocean Pricing

Shopping & Shipping Options

Assisted Shopping (Shop & Ship)

✅ At times, some stores in the USA will not accept credit cards & debit cards not registered in the US.

This is for our customers who are not in the USA. Those in the USA need to use shipping only option

✅ In other situations, you are not sure if the website you want to purchase from is legitimate and you would rather we deal with that process.

✅ This option has 10% processing fee of the total value of your purchase. 

This option is for you.

Get Assisted Shopping Service

Shipping Only (You shop, we ship)

Shipping only option means that you do not need any assistance shopping online.

This option applies in both air shipping and sea shipping from the USA to Kenya

✅ You have all your goods with you and you only need us to ship them for you to Kenya.

✅ You are either in the USA, Kenya, or any country and you can place your own orders online to be shipped to Kenya

✅ You or your loved ones can help you shop online and send your shopping straight from the seller to our warehouse.

See Pricing details

Extra Benefits

Free Inspection

✅ We inspect your packages for accuracy and damages and notify you of any abnormalities on arrival at our USA warehouse for free.


✅ If you have multiple packages, we consolidate them for you in one convenient package saving you a lot in shipping costs. 

✅ We can hold your packages for one week waiting for all your packages to arrive at no extra fee

Tracking packages from USA to Kenya

Tracking & Notifications

✅ You never have to ask anyone about the status of your packages. We provide you with real-time tracking on our website and free email and text message notifications. 

✅ All you need to do is to add your tracking number(s) to your account to notify us about an incoming package from any store.

Why Ship From the USA to Kenya With us?

Over 1300+ Raving Fans

Kentex Cargo: Ship From USA to Kenya
Based on 1489 reviews
John Gichohi
John Gichohi
The package arrived sooner than expected.Will ship with Kentex cargo again!
Bady Okita
Bady Okita
I had a horrible experience with Kentex in 2021. My package took almost 2 months to arrive and communication was really poor. They have really uppgraded since then :D :D :D. I shipped with Kentex... towards the end of 2023 and my items were closely monitored and progress was communicated promptly. They also use a near market dollar conversion rate which surprised me. I can now comfortable say that I am a happy customer. The delivery took 3 weeks in total after my items arrived at the Texas warehouse. The way my packages were opened was rough but I expect that kind of behaviour from our Kenyan customs process. Nothing was damaged though and all item parts were properly intact.read more
Alexandre Doyen
Alexandre Doyen
Ordered on 2md November and got my goods on the 20th November. For just 10$ shipping cost!!! That is 0.0006$ per km it's 14800 from Texas to Kenya. Incredible service!!!!
Mrs M A A
Mrs M A A
Been shipping with a Kentex cargo for almost a decade now and never disappointed. Kentex is like family now
Hillary Akoto
Hillary Akoto
Purchased an item from Best Buy and had it delivered to their office in Delaware, before been shipped to Kenya. Seamless process and received the item in timely fashion, thank you and look forward... to working with you again.read more
Leslie K
Leslie K
Fantastic service! The staff were super friendly and courteous. No regrets.
Laban Mithamo
Laban Mithamo
Quick to deliver and quite professional. Would recommend their services for people in America to Kenya
Michel Gass
Michel Gass
Great service, well organized, fast customer service, and the information is all very clear in their website.
Labatt Koskei
Labatt Koskei
The multiple shipments via sea and air cargo reached on time, in perfect condition and on budget. Very good services.Customer service was excellent
Hassan Ibrahim Dahir
Hassan Ibrahim Dahir
Thanks to Kentex for delivering my package timely especially at this difficult times we are facing in Kenya
Amazing work... Honestly being a first timer shipper has a lot of doubts... But how I just shipped with kentex is unexplainable, easy fast and convenient... If you need to ship from eBay or Amazon... donts hesitate and of course use the Delaware address 😁😁😁😁read more
Kabiru SK
Kabiru SK
Kentex Cargo offers world class service in shipping from the USA. I am a happy consistent client.
Kimani Ngugi
Kimani Ngugi
Great experience shipping with Kentex.Organised,very reliable & good customer service
Edwin Mariwa
Edwin Mariwa
The package was shipped faster than I thought. Took about 8 working days. Had to pick the laptop before they finished sorting and they were understanding enough to help me out. Really grateful!
Mordecai Odera
Mordecai Odera
Very efficient team. All my goods arrived safe and complete even with more complex electronic shipping. Thanks.
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