Shipping Only Option

Shop Online Using Our USA Warehouse Address. We'll Deliver to You in Kenya.

Shipping only option is for customers who are able to place their own orders online without needing us to assist. This is also the right option for customers in the USA shopping & shipping to their loved ones in Kenya by air cargo.

Kindly read through this short page.

It answers almost any questions you may have about the shipping-only option.

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What is a Warehouse Code?

We take safety & privacy very seriously. Warehouse code is a unique 2 letters and 4 digits code we assign to receivers in Kenya.

If you are in the USA sending a package to a loved one, create an account and add your receiver name & phone number to your account. A unique warehouse code for the receiver will be generated for you. 

Instead of addressing packages with a phone number visible to the public, we use a unique code that tells us who is the receiver without revealing the phone number to the public.

The warehouse code also eliminates delivery mistakes due to common similar names. Some names in Kenya like John Mwangi are too common that without a unique identifier, it is possible to make a delivery mistake. 

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Air Shipping Pricing Explained

Chargeable weight is determined by whichever is larger between actual weight and volumetric weight at $15/kg. This is a standard practice worldwide in all air cargo.

An Example of Volumetric Charge:

In the scenario below the chargeable weight for this box is 9.9kg although the actual weight is 5kg. The total cost of shipping this box ould be 9.9kg x $15 = $148.50

Here is an Example 

Shipping chargeable weight calculation

Actual Weight Charge

In situations where the actual weight is larger than the volumetric weight (commonest), your packages will be charged based on the actual weight.

Assuming the box above actual weight is 12kg, the actual weight is higher than the volume weight. In this case, your total shipping cost would be 12kg x $15 = $180

Here is an example

Shipping chargeable weight calculations

Freight Insurance

Shipping is a risky business worldwide, especially due to shipments being handled by different agencies across the globe. 

Packages have also gone missing, especially when going through customs clearance in different parts of the world. 

We do insure your packages up to $200. Any items above this value require a 5% supplemental non-refundable insurance charged to the customers. 

Phones & electronics of any kind must be insured. This category is not optional due to the inherent high risk of theft and damage in transit.

We reserve the right to decline high-value, high-risk uninsured goods. 

Freight Insurance = 5% of Items valued over $200.


Prohibited Goods

Air cargo is a highly regulated business due to the inherent risk of anything happening to an aircraft while in the air. 

There are a number of prohibited goods that you must be aware of before you send in your shipment. Some of the most common dangerous goods are:

  • Power banks or any stand-alone lithium batteries (laptop batteries, phone batteries, camera batteries, etc)
  • Anything flammable
  • Anything corrosive
  • Anything poisonous
  • Any oxidizing agent

Here is the full list of prohibited goods.


How Long Does it Take to Deliver?

Your shipment(s) must be received by Tuesday 5 PM (Texas time) for it to ship put the same week.

We finish processing all shipments by close of the day Thursday the same week & tender them for pre-exportation screening on Friday morning.

We promise 7-14 business days (without counting weekends & holidays) from the Thursday your shipment departs our warehouse. 

Can I track my Shipment?


For the shipping only option, you as the customer MUST notify us about your incoming shipment inside your shipping account. 

In your account:

If you are in Kenya 🇰🇪 and you are the receiver, you will need to address your packages as shown above. Please do not forget to enter your tracking number from the sender to our warehouse.

This is a required step.

If you are in the USA shipping to your loved one in Kenya, you will need to create a shipping account, verify your email and log in.

Ince logged in, you will see a link asking you to "Add a Receiver". After adding your receiver, you will see their warehouse code in the same format as above.

Do not forget to add your tracking information from the sender to our warehouse address in Texas. 


Sender's Names(Required)
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The above is the address you use every time you need to shop and ship anything from the USA to Kenya. You will collect your packages at Westlands or we can deliver them to you.

You can share this address with your friends, colleagues at work, and family. You could also help them shop and when you shop together, you save more.
Our cost of shipping is $15/kg of chargeable weight + 5% Freight insurance based on the value of your items. Your items are insured against theft or damage.
Chargeable weight is determined by whichever is larger between volumetric weight and actual weight.
Once you have shipped your item from your favorite store, log in to our portal and enter the tracking number provided to you by your seller. 
You can use that tracking number from the seller >>> to our warehouse >>> to Kenya :-)
Looking Forward to Handling Your Package Soon


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