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Box & Barrel Ocean Shipping Cost From Dallas to Kenya

Ocean shipping cost for boxes, barrels, TV, new furniture, and more from Dallas & fort Worth metroplex to Kenya.

These prices are for Dallas residents only.

These prices assume that you have packaged your own goods and are ready for pickup at a ground level anywhere in the Dallas-Fortworth area.

We do not have boxing, crating, or repackaging services for the ocean. Ocean cargo shall be billed and shipped as received.

These prices are for household goods or personal effects only - Get a quote for commercial commodities.

Items not on this page are quoted at $30/cubic foot. The pickup cost applies to custom quotes.

Prohibited & items:

  • Drugs of any kind
  • Alcohol & tobacco
  • Firearms or any weapons

Scheduling for pickup.

All ocean freight must be prepaid to ship. If you have many boxes, we can get you a custom quote over the phone or via email. Get started.

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2024 Ocean Shipping Schedule

March3rd WeekendLast Friday of March 43 days laterRESERVE
April3rd WeekendLast Friday of April48 days laterRESERVE
May3rd WeekendLast Friday of May48 days later
June3rd WeekendLast Friday of June42 days later
July3rd WeekendLast Friday of July48 days later
Aug.3rd WeekendLast Friday of Aug44 days later
Sept.3rd WeekendLast Friday of Sep.44 days later
Oct.3rd WeekendLast Friday of Oct44 days later
Nov.3rd WeekendLast Friday of Nov44 days later
Dec.3rd WeekendLast Friday of Dec44 days later


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