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Air Shipping Prices From USA to Kenya

We offer weekly air shipping from USA to Kenya. Shop eBay, Amazon or any USA store and we'll deliver to your door. This is the fastest way to ship high quality light products from USA to Kenya. Items like smart phones, Cameras, Cosmetics and laptops can be delivered to Kenya from USA in 10-14 days. We do all customs clearance and deliver to our pickup place or deliver to your recipient within Nairobi area. You do not have to have a USA credit card to shop online. We do all the shopping for you for free and No Processing Fees!

Pricing Explained

We are cheapest air shipping company From USA  to Kenya.

Current price is based on your cargo weight. Our current cost per Kilogram is as follows including clearing and customs. Minimum charge of $15 applies. No minimum weight. No processing fees. You only pay for your shipment weight. We weigh your items in your presence and that is all you pay for.

Here's weight charges calculation example:

  • If you ship 1kg, you only pay $15.00 or KES 1545 (based on current exchange rate)

  • If you ship half a Kilo, you only pay our minumum charge of $15 or KES 1545

  • No Processing fees. None of that!

  • If you ship multiple items from different sellers and some deliver later, You do not pay minimum charge twice! You only pay for the weight of that package and no Processing Fees.

  • No Volume weight on most products. Just pay for the actual weight. We weigh infront of you!

1KG = 2.2LB

To get started in Kenya

  • Gather links to the items you want to buy from USA
  • email your links to [email protected]
  • We’ll send you a proforma invoice
  • Include your full names and phone number

To Get started in USA,

  • Preferably order your items online and use our address as shipping address. This will save you local shipping cost as most companies have free or very cheap local shipping cost
  • Email us your order information, tracking numbers, recipient name and phone number to [email protected]
  • Once items received, we will acknowledge and send you an invoice

Air Shipping FAQs. Your Shipping Questions Answered.

How is Shipping Weight Calculated?

We weigh your items infront of you and that is what you pay. Starting Feb 2017, you can ship anything without worrying about Volumetric weight. You only pay for actual weight.

How Does Kentex Save You Money on Air Shipping?

We work hard to earn your business and even harder to keep your shipping costs low. Here is how we save you money on air shipping from USA to Kenya.

  • We shop for you and save you on money remittance costs from Kenya to USA
  • We repackage your items into smaller boxes, removing unnecessary weight
  • We consolidate all your items into a single package, making it convenient, cheap and safe.
  • Your items delivery is 100% guaranteed or we compensate. No one loses anything with us if we received it!

How Long Does it Take to Deliver Shipment to Kenya From USA?

We ship out every week on Thursday from Dallas, Texas. Allow 10-14 working days to deliver to Kenya. Please note that this is the time it takes from when we receive your items from the seller.

How do I pay for my Shipment?

You can pay for your shipment using bank deposit, MPESA or Paypal (for USA accounts). We normally acknowledge your payments as soon as it is verified. USA customers can also pay using Cashapp $KentexCargo (469-307-6571)

When do I pay for my shipment from USA?

You pay for the cost of buying your item upfront. We will purchase your item immediately and send you a confirmation receipt, usually within minutes to hours after you pay.

You pay for shipping cost from USA once your items have arrived. You are welcome to our office at westlands or we can deliver whereever you are within Nairobi area.