Air Shipping Prices

Air Shipping Pricing Explained

We are the cheapest air shipping company From USA to Kenya.

Current price is based on your cargo weight. Our current cost per Kilogram is as follows including clearing and customs. A minimum charge of $15 applies. No minimum weight. No processing fees. 

Chargeable weight is determined by the calculation of volume weight and actual weight, whichever is larger.


Here’s weight charges calculation example:

  • If you ship 1kg, you only pay $15.00 (based on the current exchange rate)
  • If you ship half a Kilo, you only pay our minimum charge of $15/kg
  • If you ship multiple items from different sellers and some deliver later, You do not pay the minimum charge twice! You only pay for the weight of that package.
  • 5% Freight insurance is charged for items worth more than $200
kentex cargo sea shipping

How to Address Your Packages to Kenya

Address Your Items as Follows


Receiver name + warehouse code

Please note, you DO NOT address your packages to Kentex Cargo. You should address to the receiver in Kenya.

Here is an example of how you MUST fill the shipping address when ordering items online.

We offer weekly air shipping from the USA to Kenya. Shop eBay, Amazon or any USA store and we’ll deliver to your door. This is the fastest way to ship high-quality products from USA to Kenya.

Items like smartphones, Cameras, Cosmetics, and laptops can be delivered to Kenya from the USA in 10-14 business days. We do all customs clearance and deliver to our pickup place or deliver to your recipient within the Nairobi area. You do not have to have a USA credit card to shop online. We do all the shopping for you.


1KG = 2.2LB

To get started in Kenya

  • Gather links to the items you want to buy from USA
  • email your links to [email protected]
  • We’ll send you a proforma invoice
  • Include your full names and phone number

To Get started in USA

  • Preferably order your items online and use our address as shipping address. This will save you local shipping cost as most companies have free or very cheap local shipping cost
  • Email us your order information, tracking numbers, recipient name and phone number to [email protected]
  • Once items received, we will acknowledge and send you an invoice

Shipping From Amazon to Kenya

Arguably, Amazon is the most popular online shopping destination in the USA. We have been shipping Amazon orders to Kenya for the last five years. In fact, there are people who call Kentex Cargo, Amazon Kenya 🙂

If You Live in The USA or You Can Order Online Without Assistance,

  1. Go to Amazon.com and add the items you want in your cart and proceed to checkout
  2. Enter your BILLING information as you normally would.
  3. Your delivery address is where you are going to put the receiver information in Kenya as follows

Please make sure you use the actual name and actual phone number for the receiver in Kenya. Please do not address your air shipment to Kentex cargo. We will have a difficult time identifying and sorting your package.

Shop & Ship From USA to Kenya

If you are in Kenya and you need help to shop online and have your goods delivered to Kenya, we can help you place your orders online.


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