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acer-spin-5-price-in kenya

Buying a laptop is no longer an easy feat for anyone considering the vast number of companies that are manufacturing different brands. With such crucial observations, we guide you on one of the best laptops you can choose from the Acer Company. The venture has become a frontrunner in the electronics industry through its latest Acer Spin 5 laptop. Below are the descriptions, features, pros, and cons of the machine.


The Acer Spin 5 takes the mid-range in the various Acer products. As a windows 10 slot laptop, it has four different orientations of its screen. Just by rotating its screen, the laptop doubles as a tablet or a movie screen streaming device. If you plan on shipping the product to Kenya, you can purchase an extra AAA powered pen with a battery that you can use for writing reports, creating presentations and sketching anything. The machine does not have many limitations. The Acer Spin 5 has an appealing look and it beats many new model laptops in the industry.


acer-spin-5-price-in kenya

Features of the Acer Spin 5

The Acer Spin 5 has many features that make it distinct from other laptops. The features that the machine has, have made it a more reliable, affordable and utmost choice for anyone looking to buy a new model of laptops. Here are its features.

  • 360-degree HD screen: this feature gives the computer its ability to spin and it is its primary selling point. The HD nature of the screen creates a platform that is intuitive and immersive for you to watch and navigate content. Besides, its multi-touch nature is thrilling as you can acquire fast responsiveness in a short time.
  • Fingerprint reader: the touchpad of the Acer Spin 5 is equipped with a fingerprint reader to help you increase security for your machine. Besides, the feature creates room for password-less logins. The fingerprint reader ensures that your device and data are safe from theft and access by unauthorized personnel.
  • Intel i7 processor: the 8GB RAM enables its users to multitask and install a vast number of programs in the laptop limitlessly. The program execution that it creates ensures that your computer works efficiently without lapses.
  • Fast and ample storage space: the 512 GB SSD storage space of the laptop makes you have a seamless encounter in the data that you can store in the latter. Moreover, it does not limit you to the files that you can download to save on the computer. It also includes the 1.8GHz Core i7-8650U CPU (eighth generation).
  • Secure windows 10 OS: this type of windows is secure, user-friendly and gives you a good experience and easy accessibility whenever you need to carry out tasks in your machine. Moreover, the windows can be easily personalized to create an even better experience for its users.
  • Solid ports on the spin: with its three full-sized ports, the laptop offers you flexibility and convenience. It has one old USB 2.O port, USB-C port, HDMI that you can connect to your TV, SD card slot to load the latter in the machine for data and file sharing. The port layout enables people using the right-hand side to easily connect their mouse and control the laptop from a distance.
  • Integrated microphones: the microphones are among the best and they record voices without distortions hence promoting clarity.
  • Warranty: The Acer Spin 5 comes with a two year extended pick up and return service and thus, it does not offer extra warranty services to its clients. The long time gives the user space to familiarize themselves with the laptop and note if it might have any downturns.

acer-spin-5-price-in kenya

Pros of the Acer Spin 5

The Acer Spin 5 remains to be the ultimate laptop of choice for many users due to its amendable features and advantages. Clients have given their reviews on the computer according to the unforgettable experiences they have had with the latter. Here are the benefits of the laptop.

  • Limited system noise: Acer Spin 5 is the perfect choice for noise-sensitive people. Its fan is designed in the latest technology to emit less noise and this makes its users enjoy their time while using the machine. The noise is almost unnoticeable and it creates the best environment for people near the owners of the device.
  • Affordable: Acer Spin 5 is one of the most affordable laptops you can purchase and arrange its shipping to Kenya. Its price is not exaggerated in the entire world and one can save money for the device and have its value form the fast performance of the machine and its vast features.
  • Easily Available: the laptop is readily available across the globe because the Acer Company partners with different companies to ensure that its clients can access its products closer to them. Besides, if you need to organize shipping of the Acer Spin 5 to Kenya form the United States, KENTEX CARGO shipping venture creates a more unique and quick way for you to receive it at your doorstep.
  • Long battery life: the battery of the Acer Spin 5 lasts longer than batteries of most other laptops. You can run your computer for about 13 hours and its efficiency is impressionable. Besides, if you have to plug in your charger, it does not take long before it is full.
  • Super light: the laptop has a thin screen and it is designed with plastic materials that make it easier to carry around. You can stack it into your backpack and barely notice its heaviness. With its 3.3 pounds weight, it creates extraordinary flexibility for you to carry out your tasks from anywhere that you visit. Its two hinges are strong and firm enough and you can carry the laptop with a single hand without fears of breaking or dropping it.
  • Promotes clarity: due to its HD screen, the Acer Spin 5 allows you to stream explicit and HD videos with maximum clarity. Besides, its BlueShield feature eliminates the emission of blue light from the screen and this protects your eyes from damage. The aspect also reduces fatigue for people that tend to use the machine for long hours. The laptop also comes in a vast number of colors that allow clients to select their favorite ones depending on their preferences. Its display is also bright enough for you to see in the night and it will enable you to regulate the amount of light.
  • Creates diversity through its special tools: owners of the laptop can carry out many tasks efficiently due to the vast choice of tools that they can select from it. The 1tb cloud storage of the computer allows you to store photos, videos, and files in a secure way.

acer-spin-5-price-in kenya

Cons of the Acer Spin 5

Even with its impressive features, the Acer Spin 5 still has its drawbacks that clients have been reviewing based on their personal experiences with the machine. The convertible laptop, however, does not have many disadvantages as most of its features guarantee its fast performance to promote reliability to its clients. Here are the disadvantages of the machine.

  • Runs hot: the laptop tends to overheat when used for a long time. It is advisable not to overuse it by giving it time to rest. Overheating may lead to serious damages like shocks the hard disk.
  • A lot of bloatware: the Acer Spin 5 tends to have a lot of bloatware and this may keep distracting a user when they are handling their daily chores. Such bloatware may prove to be challenging to prevent as they require vast procedures to eliminate.

Reasons you should buy the Acer Spin 5 form the USA and get it shipped to Kenya

Be sure to use KENTEX CARGO in the shipping of your Acer Spin 5 from the USA to Kenya due to its efficiency. We offer amendable customer services and the team deployed to handle such services are always full of commitment to provide quick help and responses as well as guidance on the product that you are shipping.

The Acer Spin 5 continues to overtake many laptops in the market due to its recommendable features and advantages. With its affordability and unique colors, you can select the device that best suits you. Besides, you can stream movies in HD and enjoy a lifetime and unforgettable experience with the machine. Its multi-touch feature also makes it easier for you to set up better security for your machine to protect your files.

acer-spin-5-price-in kenya

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