Most Shipped Products From the USA to Kenya & The Reason Why. Item #3 Will Surprise You!

We get this question all the time, especially from our customers who want to stock their businesses with fast moving goods from the USA to Kenya.

What are the hottest products people ship from the USA to Kenya?

I thought it is a good idea to compile a list of the commonest shipped goods from the USA to East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Ruanda & Tanzania

Would you guess which products are shipped the most from the USA to Kenya?

Before I get on to the list, let me start by mentioning the reason why people trust American brands. Some of these reasons are not unique.

Reason Why a Lot of People Ship These Goods From USA

A. Avoiding Fake Products

It is no secret that we are sick and tired of counterfeit goods from China, all over Africa. Almost everyone in Kenya has bought something fake, knowingly or unknowingly.

Have you ever bought a fake product knowingly?

Most people buy fake products with an intent to save money – getting a deal and ignoring the fact that they could be buying knock-off products.

What makes you think a brand new Nike sneaker being sold for KSH 800 is an original while sells the same shoe for $80 (KSH 8,000)?

Having said that, our list of the most shipped products from the USA to Kenya seems to avoid the risk of buying fake products in the streets.

Let me ask ladies a question

If you wear makeup like LAGirl, Black Opal, MAC, etc, this is for you…

So, you see LA Girl cosmetics being sold on Facebook for 650 shillings and you think you have found a deal?

Have you ever thought about checking out how much LA girl website sells their products for?  That would make you know if you are getting a Makeup or  Fakeup!

If LA girl, for example, the manufacturer of these cosmetics sells them for $10, the equivalent of  KSH 1,200, what makes you think that buying them at half price is a deal? Could you be buying a cancer-causing fakeup from China?

I just took the image below from facebook 👇

LA Girl

Let us go to LA girl website and find out how much do they sell their original products. Here, we are at the source, not some tiny store somewhere in the streets of Nairobi.

LA Girl website is

If the manufacturer is selling the same product you’re buying for KSH 650 ($6.25) at $10, how lucky do you think you are?

If the person selling you the Fakeup at KSH 650 is making a profit, how much do you think they bought it for, from whichever source?  You can tell, they did not get it from LA Girl manufacturer. The rest is up to you!

Do you see why most people BUY FAKE products knowingly, else, ignorant? 🤦‍♂️

LA Girl Cosmetics in Kenya

B. USA Goods Are of Better Quality

A True Story

A few years ago, somewhere along Muindi Bingu street in Nairobi, I needed to get a shirt for an upcoming event I had. I always prefer buying crease-free shirts and Ralph Lauren brand is one of the leaders in wrinkle-free shirts. These shirts do not require ironing.

I entered into one shops there to get a Ralph Lauren shirt which cost me KSH 10,500. Given the location of the store I bought it from and the cost, I was confident I bought an authentic shirt. Everything checked out.

I took the shirt with me and I was shining like a new dime during the event. The shirt was perfect for the event I had but I needed to get it laundered.

Remember this was a crease-free shirt, water an machine washable. I chose the latter option and machine washed the shirt per manufacturer instructions. It wasn’t the first time to wear a Ralph Lauren shirt either

When I got the shirt out of the dryer, the shirt that was fitting me was less than half my size and had creases I have never seen before.

Needless to say more, I only wore a KSH 10,500 shirt once. This time, the location of the store and the price fooled me to believe I was getting an authentic shirt.

Whether we are talking about the quality of the shirt or of it was Fake, I regretted my painful purchase.

C. Products Are Cheaper in USA Than You Think

I just talked about buying a Ralph Lauren shirt in Nairobi for KSH 10,500. If you go to website, wrinkle-free shirts are not that expensive.

The price I paid for a fake shirt would have gotten me 3 shirts from and have enough to ship from the USA to Kenya and still be left with some money.

It was a rip-Off, any way you look at it!

Ralph Lauren Shirt


Do you think you have ever bought a fake product?

Here is the point, for you to buy an authentic item with no doubts of buying knock0off or counterfeit, Buy straight from the source. Example, – etc

Most Shopped & Shipped Products From USA to Kenya

1. Cosmetics & Makeup!

The moment a woman learns that she can get her cosmetics from the source, she can only buy more. I just shared a perfect example of questionable fakeup being sold on Facebook.

I bet any lady reading this will from here henceforth buy original cosmetics straight from the source.

A True Story

I am sure this is going to make you think otherwise about cosmetics sold in Kenya.

This time, I am going to mention names – because you need to know the truth.

For those who have visited Garden City Mall, there is a store that presents its self as Bath & Body Works franchise or outlet. Do you know the store?

If they call themselves Bath & Body Works without claiming they are an outlet or a Franchise, then they are using Bath and Body works name illegally.

Bath & Body Works have no franchises or distributors anywhere in the world. You either buy straight from them or risk buying fake products. Bath and Body Works is owned by Victoria Secrets.

Here is the proof!👇

Bath and Body Works Kenya

You can read their statement here.

Now, I do not mean that the said store sells fake Bath and Body Works. But something is fake about the store. The name, I guess and what it makes you believe.

There are hundreds of honest business women and men shopping cosmetics straight from the source and reselling in Kenya for a profit.

They have created a tribe of loyal customers because they always deliver the original/authentic product. We are happy to have been part of their journey in creating their own brand that sells authentic products like Bath and Body Works.

2. Unlocked Phones

Everyone wants to have a good phone with long battery life and still get a great deal.

A True Story

Almost every year, brands like Apple & Samsung releases a new version of their phones. This has been the case since the invention of smartphones by Steve Jobs in June 2007.

Americans are spenders, no wonder American brands like Apple are worth more than all East African countries Combined because they feed big spenders.

See details after these images 👇

USA Brand Value

Kenya GDP

Most Americans use a phone for only one year and trade it in for the latest model. That means every year, there are millions and millions of secondhand phones that get in the unlocked phones market.

The best source of unlocked phones is a website called Swappa, not eBay or Amazon. Why Swappa? They verify IMEI number to make sure the phone is authentic, it is unlocked and has not been reported lost or stolen.

On the other side, eBay is the king of fake phones, lost and stolen. If you must buy a phone from eBay, treat with caution.

3. DJ Equipment & Sound Systems

This never ceases to amaze me.

How many DJs do we have in Kenya? It seems like DJ equipment and home sound systems have a huge demand, especially Numark & Pioneer DJ equipment.

You know a set also comes with a powerful MacBook – Right?

Pioneer DJ Equipment


I once talked to one of the DJs in Kenya and he told me that he has a DJ training program where he trains DJs, equips them and help them to get placements.

He has helped hundreds of them. You should get to know DJ Sam Omol and his talent.

4. Baby Clothes & Toys

This makes a lot of sense. The cost of baby clothes from China in Kenya is prohibitive. Kids clothes and shoes are fast moving items because they outgrow them a few months after you buy them.

We see a lot of parents opting to buy baby clothes in sets from the USA, not sure how much they cost locally. A good set of premium brand baby clothes like the one below costs around $25 – $35 in the USA

baby clothes set

5. Electronics

This is not a surprise. Electronics like laptops, cameras, and tablets are some of the most sought after items in the USA.

Interestingly, we see more cameras than we see laptops and iPads. Of course, the cost of a good camera in Kenya is prohibitive.

In the USA, cameras, just like phones are released in a serial version with every new version coming with newer, better and superior features.

Nikon Cameras

What Would You Like to Ship From USA?

Of course, these are only 5 categories. We have seen a lot of weird things too, being shipped. What would you like to ship from the USA to Kenya?

We can help.

Tell us what you would like to ship from the USA by filling the form below.

Thank you for reading. Next, I will reveal to you the most faked brands you could be used without knowing.





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