Playstation 4 Price in Kenya

PlayStation 4 Price in Kenya & How to Get it Cheaper from the USA.

Playstation 4 Price in Kenya

Popularly known as the PS4,  the gaming console is finally out and ready for the gaming enthusiasts. You can buy directly from the PlayStation Official website in the USA and we would ship it by air from the USA.

Be careful buying on the streets,

There are a lot of fake ones from China.

The console is not as lonely as you may think, it was accompanied by its advanced brother the PS4 Pro.

As faithful followers and consumers of the Play Station products, truth be told, we were shaken by Microsoft’s announcement of releasing an alternative to the Playstation; the Xbox One.

The Xbox did not meet the gamer’s expectations leaving the play station at its dominant position, Play station 3 killed the Xbox One but with the launch of PS 4 and PS 4 Pro, it has just buried the Xbox One’s ambitions to toppled the PS from the leading position.

At the moment, Play Station has not accredited anyone to represent them here in Kenya leaving the market for the PS products open to any willing seller to willing buyers.

Their some disadvantages to that especially in a free market such as that, exploitation is of the highest order.

Apart from just telling how juicy this gaming rig is, I’m going to tell some secrets on how you can bypass these scrupulous resellers in Kenya and buy directly from the seller, this way, you will be able to save thousands of shillings at the same time you are sure that you have the original console.


Play Station 4

Playstation 4 Price in Kenya

The console is compatible with your 4k TV, weighs 2.8kg with a dimension of 275by53by305 mm making it lighter and smaller compared to its predecessors.

PS4 consoles come with options for a 500GB console and the 1TB console option. The Play station has put color into consideration by availing the Jet Black and the Glacier White colors that you will have to choose from.

The Play Station company has redesigned this machine, with some noticeable improvements both on its chassis and the specs. You can opt for an upright position beside your screen or the normal laying down position, that has now be enabled for your comfort.

Some interactions with it, you will notice improved all-digital connections at the back, the available auxiliary port doubles up as an option for the PlayStation Camera, just in case you’re in need of one. The HDMI and Ethernet ports are also available and the optical audio port was not left out.

Looking at it from the front side, some extra ports like the USB, power buttons, the DVD ejection buttons and the Bluetooth and Wifi for the controllers ar all there.

As much as we hope that one day the PS console will totally be silent, this one has tried, you will only notice some humming noise when powering on but after that, it’s silent, the little noise at startup is mostly due to the powerful 8core jaguar processor with the AMD Radeon GPU.

Play Station 4 specs

  • CPU- Eight core AMD Jaguar.
  • Graphics –  AMD Radeon GPU.
  • RAM – 8GB, GDDR5.
  • Simple but sleek design
  • Very much improved controllers

The PS4 comes along with its dual shock controllers, let’s have a look at the PS4 controllers.

Playstation 4 Controllers

Playstation 4 controllers Price in KenyaWhile slowly unboxing your  PlayStation4, you will notice the DualShock 4 controller. Take your sweet time and interact with it, there is a tremendous improvement in comparison to the previous ones, the design has emphasized on easy to grip, some weight to feel the game and the passive reaction to commands.
The controller has not omitted any buttons or the sticks, they are just the same as the previous one, for instance, buttons are obviously on both sides with some control sticks a trigger and a bumper. the iconic four shaped action buttons are also available on the front just like in the PS3’s controllers.

The trigger has been calibrated to promptly execute the command without slagging, you will also like some improvement done on the motor rumble, a speaker and many more features that you will like

PS4 Camera

Playstation 4 Camera Price in Kenya

Well with PlayStation reducing its prices on VR, you may start wondering which peripheral device should go for, the camera will serve you better.

The PlayStation Camera with improved voice-controlled selections an amazing motion-sensing technology called the Kinect esque, you are just on top of the world. The controls have been stuffed with extra options for your perusal.

PlayStation has an App, it is only for iOS and Google Play platforms, with this addition, it is easy for you to play your games on the phone or tablets.


Sony PlayStation4 Games

The PS4 in collaboration with Sony has incredible games at your disposal, you won’t belive the graphics at the realistic presentation that come along.

You have the console, the controllers and every other requirement but just the game, missing, you are there wondering, which one is the best.

Well… the good news is, games designed for the PS4 are still compatible with the more advance PS 4 pro just in case you decide o upgrade, there’s nothing to lose.

I have picked some of the best games that will complement your new PS4.

1. Apex Legends

It’s a game developed from the Respawn Entertainment. The setup looks something like a Titan World, The legend of Apex is a battle squad where you are grouped in three to take on 57 opponents, in the process, you will be required to earn yourself some points from also looting and be the last to die if you should.

The game purpose is o taste you prowess, to push you to the limits and you should emerge the winner by remaining the only one, it’s meant for those who like adrenaline running down their spine.

2. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Are among the fan of Assasin’s Creed? well… you’ve not been left behind the Odyssey is here to be crushed with your new gotten PS4, it’s only sweet when you are relaxed are ready to dive into the Peloponnesian War, you will be required to take on a mission that was stared with the legendary Alexios or the Kassandra, will you be the guy to fill in their shoes, it’s tougher and brutal.

3. Battlefield 1

It is one of the best military games that involve a lot of shooting, if you have played Call of Duty and you were looking for an alternative, then Battlefield 1 is will just do that.

With outstanding graphics and setup for world war 1, you will be taken through warfare history fighting it alone not as a group.

4. Bloodborne

Have you played the RPG? Then this is more like it but developed just for PS4.

You will literally reap what you sow, your determination and passion to quench blood is the key winning.

5. Call of Duty- Modern Warfare

Arguably the best seller in the world, it has also contributed to revolutionizing the gaming industry.

Let it not confuse you with the 2007’s Modern Warfare, this is a 2019 Warfare with all levels unlocked and integrated to one.


Lie I promised you earlier on, we are in a position to assist you to bypass all the obstacles including the brokers so that you can get the original PlayStation at an affordable price.

All you got to do is go to the PlayStation website or any other online store in the USA, select your favorite console or games, just email us with your choice.

We will revert back to you with a quotation of how much it will cost you to bring to Kenya, from there, you can compare with buying it locally, then you make your decision.




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