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Common Goods Prohibited For Air Shipping – No Exceptions

  • Any lithium batteries NOT CONTAINED in equipment. For example, you can ship a phone, a laptop, etc but you cannot ship a phone battery, laptop replacement batteries, power banks, or any type of lithium batteries not contained inside the equipment.
  • Sex Toys – No exceptions
  • Hoverboards, balance wheels, or any lithium powered vehicle.
  • Nail polish & nail lacquers
  • Aerosols of any kind (Please note, we can handle perfumes once a month)
  • Poisons on any kind – rat poisons, insect poisons, and repellents.
  • Seeds of any kind or any quantities.
  • Fertilizers
  • Bulk commercial used shoes and clothes (currently banned in Kenya until further notice). We can ship personal use quantities but must be laundered.
  • Any product that contains concentrated alcohol like sanitizers.
  • Any currency, legal tender, unused stamps, collector’s coins, and antiques – no exceptions.
  • Tobacco, Cigars, Vape, vape juice or anything related
  • Any Illegal drugs, narcotics, etc
  • Any over-the-counter medications like cough syrups, pain killers, or any prescription medications – no exception. Health supplements are allowed but not over the counter medications.
  • Any homemade herbs, spices, supplements whose ingredients cannot be verified.
  • Any police or military-related, Example, Camo clothes, military boots, night-vision goggles, handcuffs, pepper spray, tasers.
  • Any gun-related – whether real guns, toy guns, water guns, gun holsters, paintball guns, gun scopes, silencers, etc.
  • Printer tonners or cartilages.
  • Any Explosives – fireworks, grenades, fuses, detonators, firecrackers, etc
  • Anything flammable – lighters, lighter fluids, propane, jumper fluids match sticks & boxes, any chemical liable of supporting combustion or rated as flammable.
  • Anything corrosive – acids, strong alkalines, etc
  • Any agent that can cause a disease to humans or animals. Examples: Arsenic, Beryllium, Cyanide, Fluorine, Hydrogen Solenoid, Infectious substance containing micro-organisms or their toxins which are known or suspected to cause disease, Mercury, Mercury salts, Mustard gas, Nitrobenzene, Nitrogen dioxide, Pesticides, Poisons, Rat poison.
  • Voting -related materials – Example – Ballot papers, ballot machines, ballot boxes.
  • Bleaches and detergents – Example, Lysol toilet cleaner, liquid laundry detergents.
  • Glass, ceramics, and breakables – Not worth the risk
  • Hemp & CBD oil – It may be legal in the USA but illegal in Kenya – No exceptions
  • Animal or human remains
  • Counterfeit goods of any kind.
  • Any compressed or liquefied gasses – Example, oxygen tanks
  • Any product containing nitrates or nitroglycerine
  •  Miscellaneous dangerous material. Example, Asbestos, Dry ice (solid carbon dioxide), Magnetised material with a magnetic field strength of 0.159 A/m or more at a distance of 2.1m from the outside of the package.
  • Gambling, lottery & casino-related
  • Foodstuffs and perishable food articles and beverages requiring refrigeration or other environmental control
  • Adult videos, pictures or content of any kind
  • We chose not to facilitate or handle any material related to satanism & Luciferianism.

This page explains which kind of goods that cannot be shipped and those that can be shipped under special provisions.  Images below are quick guides for goods that are prohibited – No Exceptions.

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Prohibited Goods

dangerous goods

The table goes deep into details.

Items classified as “No exception” cannot be shipped by air at all.

Other types listed as “Only Against Special Terms & Conditions” may be shipped but you need to contact us before attempting to ship such items.

Restricted / Prohibited Items List




AnimalsLive animals, insects, and reptiles of any kind.No Exceptions
Dead animals, insects, and reptiles of any kindNo Exceptions
Animal Products- animal skins, meat and Fur (except imitation)No Exceptions
AntiquesAntiques (objects over 100 years old)Only Against Special Terms & Conditions
ArtworkAny collectible painting, sculpture or other work of ArtOnly Against Special Terms & Conditions
Negotiable CurrencyCounterfeit currencyNo Exceptions
Postage stamps are prohibited unless franked or no longer usable for postage purposes.Only Against Special Terms & Conditions
Money – bankers drafts, current banknotes, currency notes or coins, credit cards, debit cards, uncrossed postal orders which do not state to whom they are to be paid, cheques or dividend warrants which are uncrossed and made payable to the bearer; bearer securities including share warrants, or subscription certificates, bonds or relative coupons, unfranked postage stamps, coupons, vouchers, tokens, lottery tickets, scratch cards or similar documents which can be exchanged themselves or with any other document for money,

goods or services

Only Against Special Terms & Conditions and limited to specific items only.
BullionNo Exceptions
Dangerous GoodsDangerous goods are defined as those goods which meet the criteria of 1 or more of 9 UN hazard classes. These classes relate to the type of hazardNo Exceptions
Class 1 – ExplosivesNo Exceptions
Any chemical compound, mixture, or device capable of producing an explos-ivpeyrotechnic effect, with substantial instantaneous release of heat and gas. All explosives are prohibited.

Examples: Ammunition, Blasting caps, Christmas cracker snaps, Fireworks, lFares, Fuses, Ignites, Nitro-glycerine etc

Class 2 – Gases compressed, liquefied or dissolved under pressureNo Exceptions
Permanent gases, which cannot be liquefied at ambient temperatures;  liquefied gases, which  can become liquid under pressure at ambient temperatures; dissolved gases, which  are  dissolved under pressure in a solvent
1.     All flammable compressed gases are prohibited
Examples: Blowlamps, Butane, Cigarette lighters, Ethane, Gas cylinders for camping stoves, Hydrogen, Methane, Propane, etc
2.     All toxic compressed gases are prohibited.
Examples: Chlorine, Fluorine etc
3.     All non-flammable compressed gases are prohibited
Examples: Carbon dioxide, Neon, Nitrogen, Fire extinguishers containing such gases, etc
4.     All aerosols are prohibited
Class 3 – Flammable liquidsNo Exceptions
Liquids, mixtures of liquids, or liquids containing solids, solution, or suspension which give off a flammable vapor. Any liquid with a closed cup flash point below 60.5°C is prohibited
Examples: Acetone, Benzene, Cleaning compounds, Gasoline, Lighter fuel, Paint thinners and removers, Petroleum, Solvents, etc
Class 4 – Flammable SolidsNo Exceptions
Substances that are capable of spontaneous combustion. Substances which, in contact with water, end flammable gases. Solid materials which are capable to cause fire by friction, absorption of water, spontaneous chemical changes, or retained heat from manufacturing or processing, or which can be readily ignited and burn vigorously
Examples: Calcium carbide, Cellulose nitrate products, Matches (any type including safety), Metallic magnesium, Nitro-cellulose based film, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sodium, Sodium hydride, Zinc powder, Zirconium hydride, etc
Class 5 – Oxidizing substances and organic peroxidesNo Exceptions
Though not necessarily combustible themselves, these substances may cause or contribute to the combustion of other substances. 

They may also be capable to cause explosive  decomposition, react dangerously with other substances,    and be injurious to health. All oxidizing substances and organic peroxides are prohibited

Examples: Bromates, Chlorates, Components of fiberglass repair kits, Nitrates, Perchlorates, Permanganates, Peroxides, etc
Class 6 – Toxic and infectious substancesNo Exceptions
Substances liable to cause death or injury if swallowed or inhaled, or by skin contact. All toxic substances are prohibited
Examples: Arsenic, Beryllium, Cyanide, Fluorine, Hydrogen Solenoid, Infectious substance containing micro-organisms or their toxins which are known or suspected to cause disease, Mercury, Mercury salts, Mustard gas, Nitrobenzene, Nitrogen dioxide, Pesticides, Poisons, Rat poison. Pathogens in Risk Groups 4, and selected Risk Group 3 pathogens listed in Schedule 9, part 5 of the latest edition of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

Regulations are prohibited

Examples: Ebola, Foot and mouth disease, Environmental, clinical and medical waste.
Class 7 – Radioactive materialNo Exceptions
All material and samples that are classified as radioactive using Table 2-12 of latest edition of the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s Technical Instructions or IATA DGR (Latest edition)  are prohibited.
Examples: Fissile material (Uranium 235, etc), Radioactive waste material, Thorium or Uranium ores, etc
Class 8 – CorrosivesNo Exceptions
Substances which can cause severe damage by chemical action to living tissue, other freight, or the means of transport. All corrosive substances are prohibited
Examples: Aluminium chloride, Caustic soda, Corrosive cleaning fluid, Corrosive rust remover/preventative, Corrosive paint remover, Electric storage batteries, Hydrochloric acid, Nitric acid, Sulphuric acid, etc
Class 9 – Miscellaneous dangerous goodsNo Exceptions
Substances which present dangers not covered elsewhere
Examples: Asbestos, Dry ice (solid carbon dioxide), Magnetised material with a magnetic field strength of 0.159 A/m or more at a distance of 2.1m from the outside of the package
Infectious substances are prohibitedNo Exceptions
Radioactive substances are prohibitedNo Exceptions
Declared ValueConsignments with a declared value for customs in excess of that permitted ($2500)Only Against Special Terms & Conditions
Diagnostic SpecimensDiagnostic specimens – unless classified as Dangerous GoodsOnly Against Special Terms & Conditions
DocumentationConsignments not accompanied by proper documentation and necessary information as required by any convention, statute or tariff applicable to such consignmentsNo Exceptions
Consignment which requires Kentex Cargo to have a license for their transportation will not be accepted if Kentex Cargo, affiliates, brokers & partners have elected not to obtain such licenseOnly Against Special Terms & Conditions
Any required documentation not fully and correctly completed by the senderNo Exceptions
DrugsControlled drugs. Examples: Cocaine, Cannabis resin, LSD, Narcotics, Morphine, Opium, Psychotropic substances, etcNo Exceptions
Prescription drugs sent for medical or scientific purposes, should not meet any of the criteria of the 9 UN hazard classes when classified by the sender.  Drugs  in  prescription  quantities may be sent by private individuals in the case of emergenciesOnly Against Special Terms & Conditions
ElectronicsElectronic/electric appliances and devices with batteries must be declared to have batteries. 

Batteries not contained in equipment can only be shipped in limited quantities by cargo jets only. They are prohibited by passenger jets.

Only Against Special Terms & Conditions
Fake/dummy gamesToy weapons, paintball guns, BB guns, antique weapons, swords, knives, etcNo Exceptions
FirearmsFirearms (including parts) and ammunition are prohibitedNo Exceptions
FragileGoods which require special handling or careful treatment because they are particularly fragile or can only be transported upright or only lying on a certain sideOnly Against Special Terms & Conditions
Ceramics or composites wholly or partially made of china and/or porcelainNo Exceptions
Glassware – items partially or wholly made of glass, or containing glass, (example: picture frames that contain glass)Only Against Special Terms & Conditions
Lighting – containing fluorescent tubes, neon lighting, x-ray tubes, light bulbs etcNo Exceptions
Musical instrumentOnly Against Special Terms & Conditions
Plaster items – including plaster of Paris, fibre clayOnly Against Special Terms & Conditions
GamblingLottery tickets, Gambling Devises, where prohibited bylawNo Exceptions
Tickets and related advertisements for illegal lotteriesNo Exceptions
illegalItems that is unlawful and/or illegally sentNo Exceptions
Import/Export ControlsGoods being processed under a temporary import/export requiring  duty and/or tax exemption or reclaimOnly Against Special Terms & Conditions
LiquidsWet Ice (frozen water)No Exceptions
Liquids not otherwise classed as Dangerous GoodsOnly Against Special Terms & Conditions
MineralsFossils, stones or stonewareOnly Against Special Terms & Conditions
Marble or any stone derivativeOnly Against Special Terms & Conditions
OffensiveIndecent, obscene or offensive communications, prints, photographs, books or other articles, and packets bearing grossly offensive, indecent or obscene words, marks or designs are prohibited. Those discovered in transit will be stopped, and handed to Customs or the Police,

who may take legal action against the sender and/orrecipient

No Exceptions
OtherGoods the damage or loss of which would result in high consequential damagesOnly Against Special Terms & Conditions
PackagingParcels that are wet, leaking or emit an odour of any kindNo Exceptions
Any item that is inadequately packagedNo Exceptions
PerishablesFoodstuffs and perishable food articles and beverages requiring refrigeration or other environmental controlNo Exceptions
PlantsPlants and plant material, including seeds and cut flowers (cut flowers are acceptable to certain destinations only)No Exceptions
PornographyFoul or disgusting material, pornography and/or obscene material, and any unsolicitedNo Exceptions
Post Office Addressesindecent item or representation of any kind

Shipments to Army Post Office (APO), Fleet Post Office (FPO), Post Office Box (PO Box)

Only Against Special Terms & Conditions
ProhibitedShipments the transportation, exportation or importation of which is prohibited by any law,No Exceptions
Prohibited Originsstatute or regulation

Origin of goods not allowed for imports as per destination country local laws and regulations

No Exceptions


Human and animal remains, including ashes

Packages which would be likely to cause damage to other packages, equipment, staff, or the

No Exceptions

No Exceptions

general public

Tobacco ProductsCigarette, Cigars, Electronic Cigarettes, Tobacco, vapeNo Exceptions
ValuablesValuable goods – Precious metals and stones, jewelry and genuine pearls. Articles made largely or wholly of gold, silver or other precious metalsNo Exceptions
Any item that is classed as ‘high risk’ under our terms and conditions (unless we have specifically agreed in writing to carry these items and you have complied with any other conditions for the carriage of these items)Only Against Special Terms & Conditions

General Guide of Hazardous Material

(This List is NOT a complete list of all IATA Dangerous Goods)
AcidDisinfectantsPaint (oil based)
Adhesive Products (containing flammable liquid)Dry IcePalladium
Aerosol Cans (EG: hairspray)DyesParty Poppers
Air Bag (car)Essential Oils (EG: eucalyptus, tea tree)Hair Dyes
Alcohol (No Exceptions)Fertilizers Electric Hoverboards
AlkalineFiberglass Repair KitsPeroxides
Aluminum PowderFire ExtinguishersPetrol
Ammonia ProductsFire LightersPhosphorus
Anti-FreezeFireworks (EG: skyrockets, sparklers, crackers)Plastic Solvent
Appliances containing freon gas (for example, AC units) – Ocean onlyFlaresPoisons of any kind including pesticides (No exceptions)
AsbestosFlint LightersPolish
BarometersFurs and Skins (untreated)Polyester Resin Kits
Powerbanks (Cargo jets only)Gas (EG: propane, butane,

hydrogen, helium)

Batteries (car or wet cell) – No ExceptionsGas Cylinders (EG: camping gas cylinders – full or empty)Rhodium
Nail Polish, Nail Lacquer (No Exceptions)Generators (fuel-powered)Ruthenium
Battery FluidGlue (EG: flammable, quick-drying)Shock Absorbers (gas or compressed air)
Blasting CapsGrenadesSignals, Distress
BleachHair Colouring/BleachesSignals, Smoke
BloodFlammable aerosolsSodium
Brake FluidIgnitesSolvents
ButaneIridiumSulphuric Acid
CamphorKeroseneSwimming Pool Chemicals
Caps For Starting GunsLaundry DetergentsTea Tree Oil
Caps For Toy GunsLighter FluidTextile Dyes