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Ship Packages to Kenya By Air For $15/kg ($6.82/lb) All-Inclusive & Never Deal With Customs.

Air Shipping to Kenya Options for US Residents

Living in the USA or Canada, you can do your own shopping in the USA. You can either: -

  1. Shop online from any store and use our warehouse address as your shipping address with your packages addressed to the name of your receiver in Kenya, then our warehouse address.
  2. If you have your package(s) with you, use your carrier of choice (DO NOT USE FEDEX). Address your box(es) to the name of your receiver in Kenya, then our warehouse address. 

Please read through this page - it is very important, including prohibited goods that you cannot ship by air due to risks involved, or they are considered illegal. 

Why Kentex Cargo?

  • 8 Years in business: We have been doing this since 2013 with 99.9% delivery rate
  • 1000's served weekly: We handle packages for 1500-2000 customers every week
  • Robust Presence: We are centrally located in a 10,000 square feet warehouse in Dallas area at Carrollton, Texas
  • ​Real-time Tracking: a transparent tracking system with notifications to you & the receiver

Kindly Watch This short Video Explanation

  • Each sender in the US or any country must create a shipping account
  • Each receiver in Kenya is assigned a unique code. This helps with privacy and prevents common name mixups
  • Once you have created a shipping account, you will see a link to add your receiver information in Kenya.
  • Once you add your receiver information, their unique warehouse will be automatically generated.
  • It is this code you will need to add after their name as shown below

1. Exactly How to Address & Track Your Packages

Here is an example of how your package should look like, addressed to your receiver in Kenya. It is the receiver's both name plus their unique code that you get once you have added them to your account.

Please note that this is for demonstration purposes only and you should address packages to RECEIVER'S NAME in Kenya.

This is just an example!


kentex cargo address
  • Create an account: The first step is to create an account in the tracking portal using your name as the sender, your email, and your phone number.
  • Add The Receiver's Name: Once you have created an account and verified your email, the next step is to add the name of the receiver in your account so we know who your package is going to in Kenya.
  • Get Address & Warehouse Code: Once you add the name of the receiver and their phone number, our system is going to generate the exact name & warehouse code where you should that send your package.

You will notice that you can add multiple receivers to your account and send them packages whenever you need to.  

You just need to address their packages to our warehouse with their unique code.
You can use the same address format whenever you are shopping online on a website like Amazon and address packages to your desired receivers as your shipping address.
Their packages will come straight from Amazon or any other store straight to our warehouse. We will ship it to them.

2. Ship Your Package to Our Texas Warehouse

Once you have addressed your package as instructed above, go ahead and ship it to our warehouse, and make sure to get a tracking number.

We recommend UPS and USPS. Please avoid FedEx at all costs.

If you choose to shop online for your loved one in Kenya, make sure to get a tracking number from the seller to our warehouse in Carrollton Texas... then add it to your account.

3. Add Package Tracking Number in Your Account to Notify us.

This is a very important step and it is required every time you ship a package. 

Log back into the account and add the tracking number from where you shipped your package to our warehouse.
If you shipped the package yourself, add the tracking number you got from the courier - Use UPS first, USPS second, and avoid FedEx due to package loss and damages.
It is this tracking number that is going to confirm to you that we have received your package and it's the same tracking number that you're going to track all the way to Kenya. 
Got it? You MUST enter your tracking number WITHOUT FAILURE.
If you shop online, enter the tracking number you get from the seller to our warehouse. 
Please note that until you have entered your tracking number to Carrollton, Texas in your account and we have scanned it in our warehouse as received, there is not any other way to verify that we have received your package even when the Courier shows as delivered.
I bet you have found a package or mail in your mail box that did not belong to you. Just because the carrier says it was delivered, it doesn't mean they delivered to the right address. 
This is why this step is so important so that we can notify both you and the receiver that we indeed received your package.
Nothing enters into our warehouse without an arrival scan and both you and your receiver get a notification.

4. What Happens Next?

1. Your package will arrive in our warehouse and we will scan it on arrival.

2. The moment we scan it, you are going to receive a notification that we have received your package.
The same notification now will go to your receiver in Kenya in real time. You will never have to call us to ask about the status of your package.

3. You will receive an invoice before it arrives in Kenya, and your invoice will have all the payment methods including online payment options.

4. We will process your package and will schedule it for shipping out the following Thursday.

5. Our weekly cut-off is on Monday and packages not received by the end of the day on Tuesday shall be shipped out the following week.

5. Pricing - How Chargeable Weight is Determined

Chargeable weight is determined by whichever is larger between the actual weight of your package and volumetric weight.

Our final cost is $15/kg of chargeable weight + 5% Freight insurance based on the value of your items. Freight insurance is only charged for packages worth over $200. Your items are insured against theft or damage.  

This is universal worldwide in all package shipping businesses. It is the reason why every time you are shipping a package with the carrier of your choice, they always have a tape measure and a weighing scale.

They're determining the chargeable weight

Here is an example of a volumetric charge shipment.

This package would be charged at 9.9kg, not 5kg


Volumetric Weight Example

In this example, this package would be charged based on the volumetric weight, not the actual weight.

Shipping chargeable weight calculation

Actual Weight Example:

This package would be charged based on actual weight because the actual weight is higher than the volumetric weight. Here is an example of the calculations.

Shipping chargeable weight calculations

⛔ Please do not address your packages in any other way other than to your receiver in Kenya. 

⛔ Do not address your packages to Kentex Cargo. You must address to the receiver in Kenya + their code as shown
⛔ Do not try to ship money, LITHIUM BATTERIES, travel-related documents like passports, or any contraband goods. Note: CBD is legal in the USA but illegal in most other countries, including Kenya.
⛔ Undervalue your goods declared value. If customs consider your goods undervalued, your package will be seized and potentially lost or penalized against you. 
Do not ship:
  • Anything flammable like colognes & nail polish
  • Anything corrosive like strong acids & alkalines
  • Any oxidizing agent
  • Any explosives
  • Any live plants, seeds, or unprocessed animal products

Here is the full list of Prohibited Goods


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6. Frequently Asked Questions

What are your office hours?

We are open Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm both in Texas and in Nairobi Kenya. We are closed on weekends.

Where are your offices located in Kenya?

Our offices are located behind the Kempinski Hotel at Westlands, 67 Muthithi Road, inside Mitsumi business park, Ground floor.

Do you do ocean shipping? 

Yes, we do. 

Every last Friday of the month, we load several containers from our Carrollton warehouse. The ocean cargo minimum charge is $300

How long does it take to deliver?

We promise 14 business days (not counting weekends) to deliver from when the shipment has departed. in most cases, we deliver before the promised time.


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