How to Shop & Ship From eBay to Kenya

How to Shop & Ship Anything You Want From eBay USA to Kenya.

Whether you want assisted purchase or shipping-only options on eBay, this article explains how to shop & ship from eBay USA to Kenya.

This short article will show you step-by-step how to shop & buy on eBay from Kenya and get everything shipped & delivered to your doorsteps.

We'll also show you our savings and why you should never use other shippers - like seriously unless you hate saving money.

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Before we get into details on how to buy & ship from eBay to Kenya, let me mention that we can help you buy what you need even if you do not have a credit card or a PayPal account.

eBay is among the largest online marketplaces in the world serving close to 190 countries through third-party carriers like DHL.

While in Kenya, shipping from eBay is a painstaking experience if you tried using the post office option they provide.

It is expensive, slow, unreliable, and insecure - not to mention that there is a lot of corruption-related extortion by Kenya postal workers when receiving such goods.

...but you do not have to worry, at Kentex Cargo, we can help you ship anything from any store in the USA, including shipping from Amazon to Kenya in as little as 7-14 working days, and your delivery is insured and guaranteed.

Why Ship From eBay to Kenya with Kentex Cargo;

We are aware that you have choices but we do our best to make sure that we are your best shipping option from the USA to Kenya.

We acknowledge we have competitors but all these competitors do not give you a tax-free USA address.

Let me explain... in the USA, every state has a sales tax, similar to VAT in Kenya that is added to anything you buy.

For example, a state like California has a sales tax of up to 10% depending on which county your items will be delivered to. That means that if you are buying a laptop worth $2000 on eBay and use a shipper in California, you'll pay up to $200 in sales tax.

You lose up to ... look at this again, KSH 28,000 with today's exchange rate.

With Kentex Cargo, we give you the option to use a tax-free shipping address where YOU DON'T PAY sales tax.

Would you use a shipper in California and lose KSH 28,000?

A state like New York - and we have competitors there has a sales tax of almost 9%. Meaning if you were buying a $2,000 item on eBay or any store and used a shipper in New York, you'd lose $180 or KSH 25,200.

With these insane savings that anyone could use, Kentex Cargo should be your clear choice for not just shipping from eBay to Kenya but from any USA store.

 1. Create a Free eBay Account

eBay account setup is free and easy to sign up for. eBay recognizes your location and Kenya is one of the supported countries.

In this case, choose between a personal or business eBay account. In this case, choose the personal business account and fill in the required information.

You will need to verify your email and your phone number or else, you will not be able to use your new eBay account.

Create free ebay account

2. Link Your eBay Account to Your Paypal Account:

eBay and Paypal are sister companies and in most cases, you will be required to have a Paypal account to buy on eBay.

Equity bank in Kenya has a mutual relationship with Paypal, so this should be not a problem.

In some cases, eBay will allow you to use your credit card without a Paypal account but your payments are likely to be declined due to card security reasons.

3. Sign up For a Free Kentex Cargo Free USA Address

Now that you have set up your eBay account and lined it to your payment methods, it is time to sign up for a free USA warehouse address where all your purchases will be received on your behalf and shipped to you in Kenya

With your free Kentex Cargo Free warehouse address, you can:

  • Ship packages from any USA store (not just eBay) straight to our warehouse
  • Shop & ship any time you want in the comfort of your own home - we do the donkey work for you.
  • Get notified every time we receive your package in the USA warehouse
  • Request consolidation and repackaging
  • Send gifts to your friends and loved ones - surprise them ūü•į
  • Pay for your purchase requests and shipping costs in one place

Create a Free USA address Account

Buying on eBay using your own Paypal or Credit Card account:

You may be among the few Kenyans who have PayPal and credit card accounts linked to your eBay account.

The biggest thing that you will notice is that Paypal fees and exchange rates are very high.

That explains why our assisted purchase option could be a safer, easier, and cheaper option for you.

Using KenTex Cargo to Buy on eBay & Ship to Kenya.

Ultimately, the majority of our customers use this method mainly because most people would rather let us deal with online fraud and the risks involved.

This method is also safe. We investigate the eBay seller and in some cases, we may call them just to make sure the eBay transaction is in fact safe.

On your end in Kenya, you need to send us your eBay purchase link using our intake form.

We can only purchase from the eBay link you send us, primarily to avoid complaints that we purchased what you had not instructed.

Using the order page helps us keep track of the eBay link you sent us for future reference.

Once we make your eBay purchase, your package will be delivered to our address in the USA.

We will send you a notification that your eBay item/package has been received and is on its way to Kenya.

Once your eBay shipment arrives in Kenya, we will give you a call and either have you come to pick up your package or schedule a delivery.

 Paying for Your eBay Purchase & Package Shipment to Kenya.

Just like you'd do on eBay, we require you to make payments for your purchase upfront.

No way around this, otherwise, we are not able to purchase eBay items that have not been paid for.

We may also require you to pay for shipping before delivery, especially on items we consider high-risk.

Payments can be made using MPESA, bank draft, or bank wire.

For capital items like medical equipment, and construction equipment, we must get a bank draft completed or a wire transfer before we can proceed with the transaction.

For sea shipping on your eBay items, payments for shipping and insurance must be received before your shipment leaves the USA.

There is no way around this either as we have to pay import-related charges, duties, and taxes.

Schedule Your eBay purchase/Shipping from USA Today



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Published :

January 2, 2022

42 comments on “How to Shop & Ship From eBay to Kenya”

  1. I like this idea but how convenient are you compared to other companies like ups and dhl

    1. UPS, DHL are faster but you pay a fortune for it. Also, DHL, UPS FEDEX will not give you extra perks like repackaging, consolidation and free USA address to use

  2. Do you ship from Kenya to the USA? Do I have to purchase from ebay Kenya to get my merchandize shipped to me or can I shop anywhere from Kenya and have my merchandize shipped to me?

    Do you ship to a P.O. Box in the USA? or does it have to be a physical or residential address?

    1. No we do not ship from Kenya to USA, only from USA to Kenya. You can shop ebay.com and it has to be a physical address, no PO BOX

  3. I was wondering can i order for a beauty cream on ebay and how long would it take for it to arrive in Nairobi?m Thanks

  4. If i get the buyer from USA whom im suppose to pay you guys or the seller considering i dont have paypal nor credit card? And if it is a phone im buying ,should i pay on delivery? Then if the phone is galaxy note 3 what is the shipping charges (just estimate)

    1. All you do is to send us the link to the item you want and we'll send you an invoice. From there sit back and relax while you wait for your phone to be delivered

  5. Hello,
    I would like to buy a phone at eBay through you because I don't have a PayPal or credit card.. I would like to know how you guys work interms of taxes and shipping fees I mean everything that it takes to get the phone from you . Please let me know all the charges. I wanted to buy HTC one M8

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