Ocean Shipping From USA to Kenya (2023) Prices

Ocean Shipping Rates & Schedules From the USA to Kenya.

How it Works & What I Ship Via Ocean From USA:

  • Let's say you have this cosmetics business that only wants to deal with authentic US products - Ocean ship them
  • Let's say you have this toy store that only deals with high-end authentic toys - ocean ship them
  • Let's say you are the kind who have a taste in USA products, cookware, decor, etc - ocean ship them
  • Let's say you are building a home, or business premises and you want USA decor - ocean ship them
  • Maybe you have other ideas of heavy & bulky items you want from the USA - Ocean ship them 

With ocean freight from the USA to Kenya, you can ship anything you want via ocean, especially for business or even for personal use. 

It takes 60-75 days to deliver but in most cases, much faster than that.

Every last Friday of the month is containers loading Friday

When do we ship out ocean freight from the USA to Kenya?

We aim to ship out all ocean freight from the USA to Kenya every last Friday of the month. All shipments must be received by the third week of the month in order to ship out the same month.

In some cases, we may ship earlier or later +/- 2 weeks based on the container status. If we’re not able to fill the container fast enough, we may add container fillers which we dispose of in Kenya at a throwaway price.

We buy such container fillers to avoid any delays and make sure we exceed our promised 90-120 days delivery time.


How do I Label my ocean freight?

All ocean freight must have the receiver’s name in Kenya. You must also indicate that such shipments are meant for ocean cargo, otherwise, they may be mistaken for air freight.

You’ll get your warehouse code in your shipping account. If you are in the US, you will need to create a shipping account and add your receiver’s name in Kenya to generate their warehouse code.

Ocean freight from USA to Kenya

What Are Your Charges?

We charge $30 per cubic foot with a minimum charge of $300 per client, even if the package is smaller than 10 cubic feet.

That translates to $1080 per cubic meter  (CBM). We however discount volume shippers as follows.

1-5 CBM =$1080/CBM
6-10 CBM = $980/CBM
> 11 CBM = $900/CBM

Ocean Freight from USA to Kenya Cost Calculation formula

Do you offer full container shipping from the USA to Kenya?

Yes, we do. 

We quote full containers assuming the shipment is in our warehouse at Carrollton, Texas.

Ocean freight costs change every 2 weeks but on average, you can expect to pay around $5800 from Carrollton to Mombasa for a 40 feet container and $5500 for a 20 feet container.

This includes haulage from Carrollton to the port of Houston and exports documentation. This cost does not include warehousing and loading costs.

Do you Offer Clearing in Kenya?

Yes we do

Clearing costs are determined by the value of your cargo and cannot be quoted without a full manifest and the values of your goods.

Once we receive your full manifest, we can generate a spot quote for your shipment from door to door, warehouse to warehouse, or warehouse to the port.

Do you offer ocean freight pickup service?

Yes, we do.

In the Dallas-Fortworth area, Houston & Austin, Texas, we do. We'll soon start collecting ocean freight from other states and cities.

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Non-USA Residents. Here Are Your Options

These two options below are meant for our customers based in Kenya or other countries outside the USA.

These options are not meant for customers living in the USA.

Shipping Only Option

Shop online for your favorite products and ship or drop off your shipment to our warehouse in Carrollton, Texas.

This is what 99% of our customers do and it saves a lot of time and cost.

Kindly make sure your packages are addressed as instructed and do not forget or omit indicating that your shipment is for ocean freight.


Ocean freight from USA to Kenya address

With shipping only option:

  • You shop online and send your shipments straight to our warehouse addressed as shown above
  • You can have your friends and family in the USA do the packaging for you, then send your shipment to our warehouse.
  • You have the freedom to shop any time you want, we'll do the logistics and delivery to Kenya.

USA Residents. Here Are Your Options

Our customers living in the USA are able to either purchase goods online and ship them straight to our warehouse and save time and money. Most stores ship for free or at a small fee within the USA.

For example, You can buy heavy goods from Home Depot, Rowes, Bestbuy, Amazon, or any other store and have them delivered straight to the warehouse. You just need to make sure they are marked for ocean shipping.

In case you have put together your own shipment at home, you will need to ship it straight to our warehouse and make sure your boxes are marked for ocean shipping as instructed.

We may be able to pick it up for free in select cities in Texas 

  • You live in the USA & you are putting together your own shipment
  • You have NEW or used household or commercial items
  • You have boxes/barrels or pallets, not a container load or heavy equipment
  • You want to ship by ocean from the USA to Kenya
  • Furniture is either new in boxes or boxed if used (no assembled furniture due to damages)

These are the prices of commonly shipped boxes. These prices are best for customers in the Dallas-Fortworth area.

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2024 Ocean Shipping Schedule

March3rd WeekendLast Friday of March 43 days laterRESERVE
April3rd WeekendLast Friday of April48 days laterRESERVE
May3rd WeekendLast Friday of May48 days later
June3rd WeekendLast Friday of June42 days later
July3rd WeekendLast Friday of July48 days later
Aug.3rd WeekendLast Friday of Aug44 days later
Sept.3rd WeekendLast Friday of Sep.44 days later
Oct.3rd WeekendLast Friday of Oct44 days later
Nov.3rd WeekendLast Friday of Nov44 days later
Dec.3rd WeekendLast Friday of Dec44 days later
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Julius Bwibo
Julius Bwibo
This is the 1st time I have used the services and I have been very impressed and delited. I would recommend any one to their service.
Mark Aminga
Mark Aminga
I recently used Kentexcargo to ship some items from the US, and I am beyond impressed with their service! From start to finish, the process was seamless and efficient. The team at Kentexcargo was incredibly responsive and kept me informed every step of the way.What stood out the most was the speed of delivery. My items arrived in record time, much faster than I anticipated. Everything was well-packaged and in perfect condition upon arrival.I highly recommend Kentexcargo for anyone looking for reliable and fast shipping services. Their professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction are truly top-notch. I will definitely be using their services again in the future!
Brian Opiyo
Brian Opiyo
The service has really improved. Shipped all in a week. Amazing. Everyone should move to Kentex
Briane Omondi
Briane Omondi
The goods were delivered in 2 weeks from the time it reached the US warehouse
Anne Njoki
Anne Njoki
For all your shipping needs from the USA to Kenya, this is your trusted partner. I have used them since 2015 and their service has gotten better esp with the Delaware warehouse. Thank you Kentex team.
online surveyer
online surveyer
Fast and affordable..Am happy for the service they offered. They Were timely and quick and I got all everything I bought in good condition
Georgina Mungai
Georgina Mungai
Great service, staff are super friendly and accommodating and I got all my goods in perfect condition.
Xobo Delivery
Xobo Delivery
I would recommend Kentex cargo anytime . Try them and you will relax as your wait for your packages
Joseph Kamau Mukundi
Joseph Kamau Mukundi
Kentex has been a great shipping company not only to me but even to my friends.There is assuarance of safety and they save you alot of time and inconviniences.I recommend !!!✔
Lawi Mutuma
Lawi Mutuma
Very efficient team, and the process was extremely painless. I especially liked the consolidation feature so I didn't have to pay for every individual shipment separately.Highly recommend
Sidney Gilbert Odhiambo
Sidney Gilbert Odhiambo
First time buying from you guys and I can say you have exceed my expectationsThe item was delivered on time as communicated
Noellah Musundi
Noellah Musundi
My family and I have been shipping with Kentex for super many years. I literally buy 80% of items in my house from US and Kentex service is top-notch in terms of delivery time, handling of goods and customer care. Their rates are affordable too. None of my items has ever been lost. They give you time to countercheck your items. Keep up the good service
Nicholas Charles
Nicholas Charles
Wonderful service from a very professional team.💯. My packages arrived in good time and in great condition. I'd highly recommend Kentex Cargo for all your shipping needs from USA.
Kentexcargo swift and promptThey are the best shipping company.I got the best experience
Francis Karanja
Francis Karanja
I Got my package in excellent shape in two weeks from delivery to US warehouse. Great customer experience and very timely. Highly recommended cargo provider.

Ocean Shipping

Category: Ocean Shipping
You should be able to ship used car engines, but it must be within the described age by the Kenyan government. Such commodities must be quoted before being received in our warehouse.

Please note that the United States does not have a motor vehicle inspection body for pre exportation verification of conformity (PVoC).

That means that your engine will be inspected on arrival by Kenya Bureau of standards and issue a local certificate of conformity at a fee of 15% of CIF.

The same rule applies to motorbikes, off-road vehicles like ATVs. Please contact us before but using a motor vehicle engine, motor vehicle parts, a boat, a motorcycle, golf carts, or off-road vehicles. Please note we are not handling construction equipment until further equipment.

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Category: Ocean Shipping

All items being shipped outside the United States must be accurately declared in terms of quantities quality and cost.

It is illegal to add declare commodities being shipped outside the United States or being imported to Kenya.

We do not accept misrepresented shipment or a shipment that we feel has been added declared over not declared accurately.

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Categories: Ocean Shipping, reserve
Yes! if you have already have bought credentialed and baled shoes or clothes, we can help you with processing C0C, loading, and shipping to Kenya. Your shoes MUST be credentialed, paired, separated between men, women, kids, flat, heels, etc packed in 50KG clear bags ready to load. WE DO  NOT offer credentialing and packing service for used shoes and clothes from the US to Kenya.

To process CoC, load a container with all the required paperwork – including public health certificate, we charge $5,000 excluding haulage and vessel charges to Kenya. You’ll handle the clearing process in Kenya


  • Salim BALALA says:

    I wanted to ship a few bags of used soccer cleats for donation from Baltimore to Mombasa. Please advice.

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    Categories: Ocean Shipping, reserve

    If you have collected goods from different people and you are looking for someone to load and process export paperwork, we do not handle this process. we apologize

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    Kentex Cargo has been built by small businesses at the micro-level. Some of our customers started shipping a few lipsticks and today they run multi-million shillings a month empires, some with multiple branches.

    We ship small businesses consolidated products to help small businesses start, grow, and thrive, even at a shoestring budget.

  • Nemayian Konchellahs says:

    Awsome! Thank you will connect you soon.

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    Categories: Ocean Shipping, reserve


    At the moment, we do not handle tractors or heavy equipment. Our warehouse does not have the facilities and machinery needed to load heavy equipment and tractors into a container. We, however, can facilitate outsourcing for Kenyans in Kenya at a flat rate of $3,000 prepaid.

    Contact us for more details.

  • M.N.Mwanzia says:

    i need a 2-wheel tractor, a BCS tractor weight around 150-200 kgs. Boxed, it is compact. You can't ship this too?

  • tobias says:

    need to ship a lathe machine
    estimated weight 500kg-1000kg
    likely 2-3cubic meter volume

  • Stephen says:

    Do you ship cars for a returning US resident? If so at what cost?

  • Andrew Murithi says:

    Yes I would like to know how I can buy a tractor and be brought to kenya

  • Leave a Reply

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    Category: Ocean Shipping
    Weight does not matter when it comes to ocean freight. However, if you want Kentex cargo to pick up your boxes and barrels (Dallas area) the weight cannot exceed 50 kilos for boxes and 75 kilos for barrels.


    Please note that we charge $30 per cubic foot for consolidated household goods. This does not include cosmetics, foods supplements, and medical products that are controlled by special government bodies in Kenya.

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    Categories: Ocean Shipping, reserve

    Our ocean freight delivery time is determined from the day the container leaves our warehouse in the USA to the time when it arrives in our Nairobi warehouse.

    We promise 90 days from the day when the container leaves our warehouse In the USA to the time the container arrives in our warehouse in Nairobi Kenya.

    It takes about 30 days for us to fill a container and 45 to 52 days of transit time to Nairobi. Pre-exportation verification of conformity procedures takes about 2 weeks, and clearing in Nairobi takes about 1 to 2 weeks.

    These are the reasons why we ask our customers to give us 90 days to deliver your ocean cargo from the USA to Kenya.

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    Categories: Ocean Shipping, reserve
    Sea shipping cost is $30 per cubic foot for consolidated goods. These are household goods either new or used.

    Commercial goods less than a container load will be quoted on per case basis.

    If you want to ship a full container full of commercial merchandise, we can only quote you for the cost of shipping from our warehouse to Nairobi. This does not include the cost of customs duties and taxes In Kenya.

    We have special discounts for US returning residents shipping less than a container load.

    If you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    In situations where pre-exportation verification of conformity requires lab testing, as is the case in cosmetics, supplements, and food products, the client is responsible for such testing.

    Please note that cosmetics, food products, and medical-related products are regulated and cannot be shipped as household goods or consolidated as general goods.

    Medical equipment and food supplements are regulated by the Pharmacy and poisons board of Kenya. Such approval must be provided by the customer before the shipment can be allowed to clear in Kenya.

  • mohamed abbas somji says:

    hope you are doing well. i would like to know if you can ship for jetski to kenya

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    Categories: Ocean Shipping, reserve
    Unlike air shipping where we allow customers to pay for their shipment on arrival, ocean freight must be prepaid before picking up or before shipping from our warehouse.

    For our clients in the diaspora, we can only schedule for pick up or accept the shipment in our warehouse if it is 100% paid for.

    This is to avoid a common problem with abandonment or pickup delays, especially with used clothes and shoes.

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